Friday, March 12, 2010


Tomorrow's a li'l trip
Melon an' lemon an' hop and hip
You for all an' all for you
Grrr an' Moo an' Woof and Mew!

Tomorrow’s the morn to be
Like today is to crawl
And then it’s you or maybe me
And then the mighty all

Tomorrow’s a’ gravy red
Like a basket full o’ eggs
Yesterday is today dead
Me adored me lassie’s legs

Tomorrow the sun and myrrh
Myth and hypnos o’layla
Today pains ah today arrgh
Samson’s hair with Delilah

Tomorrow I’ll be back I guess
Or maybe it’s jus’ another lie
Hoo! I can’t lie starin’ at your face
So I looks apart and says: “goodbye”


Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Me thinks its impressivelayla...

Samadrita said...

Just as always I like the rhythm.You're brilliant with that. ^^