Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Battle-Hymn For My Comrades

By the cannon’s blazing flashes
The blood of the martyr washes
The fields of glory and joy
In the name of dream and faith
With Comrades to fight with
We hail victory, ahoy!

Charging through the mist
With our clenched fists
We shall make the sun rise
We shall stand, we shall fight
Our armours shining bright
The storm carrying our cries!

The old world to be killed
In the drenched battlefield
Soaked in blood and sweat
And freedom shall come
Beating her thunder-drum
Tears of joy to make her wet….

Comrades! The time has come now!
Touch your swords, and take a vow
To keep on fighting, and never to yield
Till the Red Flag flutters proud and free
Till the Red Star shines in all her glory
And the wounded world shall be healed….