Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ekta jobordost hNari-kathh dhar ditey paaro keu?

Onek ke jobai korechhi, aaro onek ke korbo

Ebong shobar sheshey ei agapashtola ami-ke

Ektu gongoney aagun dhar ditey paaro keu?

Onek ke puriyechhi, aaro onek ke porabo

Ebong ami jey-hetu shWoyombhu, tai nijer mukhagni-o nijeke-i korte hobey boiki!

Aar kichhu na peley nehat oi bishonno bish-bhando ta haatey tuley diyo

Ekbar Neelkonthho hawoar cheshTa kora jetei paarey!

Aar eshober porey, amake ekbuk shobuj paharey shomadhistho rekho

Gobheer megh-er bhitorey,

Taarporey aabar osthir hoye othhar aagey aamake aaro tin koTi bochhor khub ekchot kothhin boroph-thhanda ghum ghumiye nitey hobey

Lachung nodiir bukey tin koti shondhya hamaguri diye naamuk itimodhye...

Love Song for Penelope

The Rat wore his Rotten Hat

He sailed to some Distant Shore

There he met a Fattened Cat

And was never heard of anymore

Seize the Zebra by his Tail

He’s the Clown of Devil’s town

Dirt behind my Fingernail

And London Bridge is falling down

Between Buddhas

It’s seventeen hours and fifty two minutes past eternity

And I’m still searching for an excuse to say “fuck you” to all of you

Never mind.

The Brute

Each moment

Brings a new undoing

Each grasp

Sets a little butterfly free

And finally,

You stand naked

in the house of cracked mirrors

And as you see all the strings snap

one by one,

You smile

To welcome

Yet another final voyage

Only that this time

it’s yours!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Priyo Iirsha

Botam aaNTa du’ek phNoTa kshut-pipasha

Aar koTa din thakbo bolei shongey asha

Chhondo tomar orna-jaaley notun shukher kon

bolga-chhara jhhorna-toley bonpahari mon

Rukhkho dhulo-r dukkho gulo shongo nilo

Jhhonjhha-bihiin nitol shey’din kothaye chhilo?

ShNapla phooler buker bhitor kajol-Taana maya

PNajor jurey porchhey ebar othhoi joler chhaya

Hasnuhanar gondhey matal haar-habhate

HNaT-te holey ekla hNaTo jochhna raatey

KhNujchhey jaara khNujuk nahoy shaap-er moni

Ami ekla thekey aglabo ei jokher-dhon-i

Dhheu-er taaley aagun jWaley shoukhinota

Raat-duprey shei nupurer nei diinota

Ei ekhaney bondho gaaney skondho-kata-r naach

Onek mora morli kangal, ebar nahoy bNach!

To Bud and Terence: A Dedication

No wonder they called him the Hippopotamus

And the other one was Nobody

But when they met, all hell broke loose

And a lonely child forgot his tears, for a while…..

Bullets flew like magic

A few skulls were cracked

(Not to mention, a few castrations happened as well)

And blood never seemed so pretty before!

Desert storms became fun

And a hundred wild slingers

shooting in all directions

were just a hundred wild slingers shooting in all directions….

For Cat,

with his gun

and Hutch,

with his fist

Would never betray the child….

God forgave, they didn’t!

And when the music was over

Trinity rode with Bambino,

Salud with Plata,

and Blackie with Skull –

Each in their own million lost directions….

Whenever you see a haunted hamlet

And hear the soft rattling of some broken saloon door

Think of them,

For they're riding still!

And the moon shines down those rugged caves,

the dream-thirsty rattlesnakes slither

along those cracks of the dead west,

The wind keeps on howling through the weary oaks

older than time whispering forgotten songs

And the stars keep on watching in steely silence

as two forlorn shadows ride across the desert…

They know it

The child knows it too

That some flames never die!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DYakha Hobey, Kotha Hobey Na....

Megh bhalobeshechhi, iskapon-er Tekka-r mawto

Pahar aghor, koi bikano keta TunTuni jonaki?

Tomake eto-ta shobuj laagchhey kYano?

Majhhraat-e amar ghor-e ki korchho?

Aguner mukh dekhey kothaye ponchash Tukro kamatur bishonnota?

Taarpor, emon ekta shomoy ashbey jokhon shobdo khNujey paoa jaabey na

morubhumii-r bali khNurey


amader dYakha hobey,

bistiirno upottyoka-e

DYakha hobey,

bhanga hobey,

kotha hobey na….

Tikhno Ulongota

Tikhno ulongota, tumi jYotsna hawo

Ghorer bhitor shohor, buker bhitor ta-thoi-thoi

Agun pheTey bYala-obela dinponji

Shubhodin ashuk tobey, amra-o oishWorik hobo!

Amar ishWor, tumi ki eka thaktei bhalobasho?

Onek Neech-e Ghor Bari

Bikel obdhi tinronga shikarir chokh

Ekhaney amake bolchhey, amra mithye

Bikel goraley obujhh boroph jodi srot hotey kokhono srot brishti nibhriti-jal-e

Jodi aro du’tin-te ektana bol dekhi moho kakey boley?!

Bol dekhi ami chhNirechhi ki na ei udom naach tobey bol ekadoshii elochul!

Mone hoy bhul bujhhey ei pothey tao phirey chai ekhaney okhaney

Shiblingo phona tulechhey, choturdikey shobdo-bhedii chhaya

Ami phona tulbo, choturdikey tomar oporichchhonnota…..


ShWabhabik bhabei shey klanto sharey tinsho ta juddhor porey

Sheykhane Hart Crane ek gochha paloker doley basha bNedhechhilo

Shukher binYash

Oi, mathaye gNethey achhish kYano? GTalk ei thak

Amake porjobekkhon kora oto-ta shoja holey boltam

tor ghore-o megh korechhey

Na korley shabdhan bani, korbey na, khora ashbey

Jey shohor tokey lota-e pata-e joriyechhey

Sheikhaney muchhey jaoa bhalo

Muchhey jaoa bhalo

Jaoa bhalo shukhey shantitey koutuhol-e

Majhhey-majhhey muchhey jaoa bhalo

Kintu aaro bhalo amar shada deoal-gulo

Sheykhaney protyoho ramdhonu photey.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anogh Mrityu-r Jol-e

Ami kotha koitey bhalobashi, jYamonTa bhalobashi dukkho petey

Shiuli-ra koThhin protibaad korbey jeneo

ami gNuro gNuro dhulobali bhalobeshechhi

Pujo ashchhey, bhari moja,

ekhon eka eka bari pherar shomoy

ami aaro onek ke dekhbo jaara eka eka bari phirchhey

Dekhi ebar din phuroley kYamon shurey baajo?

Dekhi ebar ChonDalika kYamon shajey shajo?

Onek neechey aagun jWolchhey, rokto jhhorchhey

Onek mrito kobir holdey thNyatlano shobdeho jor-cheton-Shonkoracharjyo

bhed korey shobder mrityubaan shWikaroktir mawto gNethey royechhey

mathar bhitorey onorgol barud, spriha aar mol-mutro-thutu-r

jomayet porichchhonnota hoye

Amra dorshok.

Haat-tali deoar proyojon holey jeney jaabo, aar obhinoy bYartho holey

chabkani nahok, nidenpokkhe poshaddeshey podaghat nirghaat!

Shudhu murkho critic ra jaanbeo na, bujhhbeo na konodin

jey obhimaan bYartho hoy, obhinoy bYartho hoy na kokhono……

Aar kotodin-i ba protishThan protipokkhi hoye kaaTano jaye?

Kirtinasha nodiir koley

Ekagrotar koutuholey

Ekrokha srot kajol-ranga

Borsha elo, badol-bhanga

Chhoriye thaka, itostoto

OnekTa Thhik amar mawto

Kichhudin aagey raat duTo nagad bari pherar shomoy

hoThhat onekTa bomi hoye jaye

Baki poth-Ta raasta-r koley chepey phirechhilam

Ei amar prothom raastar koley oThha

Onekdur dYakha jaye, notun phooler gondho ashey

Akashey chollish koTi Hasnuhana-r ushkani te

agontuk bhootpret-gulo batashia-phishphish phooshmontor, shoishobia!

Aar baki shob Ramdhonu phool-jhhuri, haaoa-ghuri, ChNad buri itYadi itYadi Iraboti….

Jhhumri Tilaiya-e giye shikhey eshechhi ki bheeshon bhabey

concrete diye nodii-r tir-dhonuk-shabol Thhekiye rakha jaye!

Thhekiye rakha jaye

shingho-gorjon canal, Doshyu Rotnakor,

Damodoriya bhoirob hoonkaar!

Damodoriya Amu Darya paar hoye jai

Shobar sheshey millo pothey chhoTTo Kopai

Hui jey hothaye mithya nao-e bhashan ashey!

Hui jey hothaye shotyo dhheu-e pathor bhashey!

Abar Shonajhhuri phooTbey,

hYaN, phooTbei

Abar shomudro uThhbey

hYaN, uThhbei!

Ekhon, anogh mrityur joley kichhu chhai bhashoman

Ononto ochintyo akorshon, bimboshTho-boshoborti tonmoyota

Konodin, jani Thhik, jagiya uThhibey mognota,

ChhNirbey tontujaal, rupalii mihi-phNash

Jagiya uThhibey, jani, chonDo, churanto:

Ekhon shey nirbaak, megh-bondii nognota, shimul-mul, rother churo….

Sroter mawto, tumi kachhey eshechhiley,

Shei onek onek biporitmukhi shomoyer aagey

Sroter mawto, tumi bhalobeshechhiley….

Prarombhiker kotha bhebey

aajo taar kotipoy chhNera potaka urchhey paharer bukey….

Phuraye na….. kichhu phuraye na….

kichchhu phuriye jaye na….

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saranam Gachchhami / White Refuge

It’s not the river you’re thinking of right now

It’s live-action infanticide

Sharp! Sharp!

Everything must be sharp

So, what if your hands are

heavier than your guilt?

Yes. You stand

Someday, I’ll see through the skulls….

So once upon a time there lived a moon with golden teeth

Old, soiled, pervert in the breeze

The moon. The agon.

To visit the place where Persian knights were buried

Square forts, things that can be referred to,

Cross-cited pigeon-coops, minarettes

and those twenty eight Buddhas, each representing

one last night cigarette stub multiplied by fifteen trillion cold orgasms and

crossroads for champions and heroes

Hey, I’m a hero too!

We’re all heroes, stuck inside the armpits of other heroes

Who, again, are stuck inside some piss-rattled Valhalla

and so on

We were born long before death was invented

And then, we created god and god created worship and worship created the tiger and the tiger procreated and thereby hangs a tail

Open your doors slowly, let’s not do away with mystery altogether

Let’s not stay inside our computers forever

Come out, I say, Om and come out, if you have the courage!

If I have it, I will sell it to the mirrors

Or maybe I don’t like this place at all

Once I lived in a small house, now I live in a bigger one

So, what’s the point? And what’s the point pointing at?

Where will I go?

Prickly, Icarussed.

aah, how the poor boy hated his father when he was falling!

Gravity! Free fall in my head, and other craploads of craploads.

The sparrow and the skeleton, well,

they got back to their respective mothers’ wombs and they lived happily ever after.

Save your eyes, you, umm, what’s your name again? Yeah, Pythia!

Too much substance abuse, I say. Pythia, save your eyes and save your womb.

Sell your brains and kidneys, but the eyes and the womb are important for the system to survive,

so save them, for the system’s sake

The simple truth being that the system should survive!

But hey, why does the word ‘system’ remind me of machine guns?

Is it pure magic, or that correlative conjunction of one and the other,

together and against?

Never mind. I’m as hideous as you are. So let’s get married,

And I’ll show you the three fangsquadroned faces of Nzame,

Mebere and Nkwa, all morphed into one wildened wilderness gasp-grasped,

flamedrilled, in the ancient pastures of our forefathers smirking at those three intellectuals debating about whether “our” JFK was really assassinated by Fidel Castro or by the corporate-cooled rulers of your plastic-platonic coffee mug

We all need to take our own shots.

It doesn’t make us bad people

It makes us people.

Insanely human, and just that (Perhaps with bullet-holed wings)

But these roots,

They still need the primal blood. Yes, they do.

And thus, I justify war. Our wars. Their wars. Your wars. My wars. Blah, blah and one more blah to kiss Nietzsche’s muscular posterior and to stuff it with fart-dampened dynamites.

Never mind. Those old corpuscular venoms and images. Fatal.

The Goddess that resides in my temporal lobe.

Flowing all blood and electric neurotransmitter receptors and convoluted signals

Everything phallic.


Inca gods.

Om, Shiva!

I don’t believe in you, you stone-peppered rainbowed yankyanked grapevine!






These are mine

The rest can screw themselves, or others, whichever however and whomever they may prefer; guilt, Armageddon and Wikipedia included.

Friends, be happy.

Oh, and I almost forgot: all these words are lies

so suit yourselves

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taar Shortey

Shetubondhon chhondo-poton bhir bhir bhirakkar

Nirakar stobok-phooley stokbakYo awnorthok

O nortok, tumi ki tandob naachbey belphool-e?

Rail-pool-e gopon ostro-shostro shushojjito

ShWo-lojjito shoibalini-r shromon-shitol jol-chhobi

Bol kobi, tui ki chabuk chalatey parish?

E’bar phooler kachhey giye shudho-o

taaer phooTbar odhikar kaar shWarthey?

Tar shortey,

Ami purono rokto diye ekta notun bYatha eNke debo