Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Ode to Tears

Tears are really good, they wash the lachrymose
Go on, ask some Doc, and tell me what he knows

Besides, tears can solve multiple issues
And put a smile on those who sell tissues
But it’s a potent weapon, and hence don’t waste it by misuse
Don’t shed them in vain when there’s someone else to accuse
Don’t cry for reasons which are way too vague and abstruse
And if someone wrongs you, then to cry you must refuse

So cry on, silver girl, cry on by
Let your tears out, don’t just sigh
And while doing so
Forget not to blow
Your nose loud and strong
For a nose blown thus
Can soothe all of us,
Can right what is wrong

Though it’s rather preferable to cry silently
You might as well choose to do so violently
Don’t care about manners; you’ve got nothing to fear
When heart like thunder hammers, make way for the tear

Tear! Tear! The ruler of the entire humanity
Dear O’Dear! It can lead to absolute insanity!
Wherever you stay, far or near
Bow to the tear, respect the tear

It can stop wars; it can lead to many more
Like a robin it can sing, like a lion it can roar
It opens and shuts a thousand cases
And on snot-rugs it leaves its traces

It can shoot like a sniper
It can bite like a viper
It’s our only Pied Piper
We all dance to its tune
And no one is immune
From this epidemic, this infection
All of us – the entire cross-section!

Eternal teardrops on eternal cheeks
Talkin’ in a voice that no one speaks
But the tissue-seller doesn’t mind at all
The world’s a’cryin’, him having a ball

Gallons and pints of tear flows
The river of tear – it never slows
Springing down the lachrymose
Look at her – there she goes!

It is present everywhere –
All encompassing, ubiquitous
Dear tear, hear my prayer,
And never leave – you be with us

Well, it’s time for those teary goodbyes
But before I go, here’s some sound advice:
It’s really important, and so
listen to this before you go:

Whatever be your weight
And whatever be your fate,
Whomever may you mate
And whomever may you hate,
Just don’t think twice before opening the watergate

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