Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bronze Horses Fly When Moon is Sad

Entitled terms down distinct shelves of totems and channels.
90 minutes and 54 seconds.
Our justice can never rise superior to the conditioned economics of our time.
“Evolution Of all”
Wiseguy, Ancient  conjurer of fear and strength:
Completed Book of love and god.
Whores in fear
What’s not there then?
We are here.
Man, Who the fuck are you?
He-man awakes.
We have
on our own.
I see turgid pipelines that lead to depth
and kings frozen in their thrones.
Who does not take the shit that came
after that seriously?
Superfluity and flow
Attrition rates
Mango good
House and hate,
Boss rides the bus
of awful dirt and
Standards of
Are mostly
Is that what
I just swallowed down?
are the facilities?
It was in another gala era
that the,
Progenitor, the,
The mucus
Implied that we do not believe in this.
It’s all about surviving through
Durability of the damned.
Burning of the Beast
All Compasses are
Sweet ladies,
Kind gentlemen,
Much support & external leverage
shall Not be
Lonely sailor, lonely night.
Tempest –
severe gold of gods.
You: Hello Mister Mirror how are you?
Mister Mirror: I screw you and I screwed your mom and sister too.
Then puppet Judge says
the Issue
one of
False kings and queens cloud heart of hearts
It’s the same picture everywhere and in everywhen.
The swift trigger finger
Edit Empty loyal friends like every thread of the screw
Sacrificial rites slaughter rites of passage
Gene results in a Row of interests
Salamander steps down.
Home Wandering Past
Defined individuals
Does not.
Add up in search of
Purposes of this mono-Analysis.
Thlawp. Thunk. Thwalp.
Read. by whom?
Salty shores of body
Skin on skin.
Skin on flesh.
Eyes move by
Book of mind
Book of body.
Images of all like that of the last one.
No one With Eyes on maroon sunglow-set
We’re all marooned
And stuck Inside Our
Personal Dictionaries, Binomials, Indentures, Mosaics, Procedures, Ducktailed Boomland & Bustland,
and personal ideas of rain & affliction.
We’re all busted by the shores,
and in the frames.
I move down the stairs
Open the door
And dive in.
 I am brave because I have a sword in hand
I am angry because I want to scream
I am sad because I want to weep.
                                                                     This Life makes No Sense
Black- Hedged corners
 Caving in of all walls.
To Eat shit and puke shit.
Cheeks in pink of petal-meat
Euphoria and
Father, Each
Of these are way too little
And on that great glorious day
The Answer will Arrive through the harsh darkness
on a chariot of hunting and fishing.
Could her Living
Plasma and plastered equations?
Work this out –
child goes off.
Food provides essential nutrition for strong and healthy development and makes us durable.
Moon hides in milk and silk and comes out to ride the night.
I catch up with the mother adjective.
Moon and stars
Queen bee and worker bees. Goethe and lonely planet.
Do not block ways,
Such divergence will not be tolerated
And dissidence calls for cold, blunt extermination.
Where is your house?
More flux.
Time -
No sense.
Obtainable by history through
Worship, War, Sacrifice, Servitude, Process, Approaches, Superfluity.
For the selected
Were Made generous
The collaboration of dispute,
Charitable and beneficial,
Mango greed
Mango generosity
Nature red in tooth and claw
One Subject:
That Statement And the Theme
of How
We  Robbed Our Heavy Preceptors
To win rights & Fulfillment of Values
 Push a button
Kill a monster
Sparrows chirp in our sunshine alcove.
                               Apricot.                                                                                Epicenter.
Owl hoots in our moonrise portico.
Living in the harsh, blue outpost,
a Bus for the doomed
Rose blooms a few
Foot Away
Away Is the First one to thump down.
And it all freezes up
 When a child S-loop eggs Appear in mirror Is he Gulp small And every
Father, father
Moon moves.
Puppets raped by memory of twisted affectation and majestic tapestry.  
all we need to live
is a tough, tight kick.
Superman moves down
to execute all crime.
Total obedience through
Absolute control: tall and strong
To rise over this shit
And rule over these shitters with massive, monstrous strength.
It’s like death
It’s beautiful
Eyes water.
Tonight is night of love
Tonight, we get fucked.
Frangipani red rain syllabus of afflictions buses crawl to damned climes
Robes of silk
Treasures from the kingdom of lofty dreams
 Can we really go beyond this point?
                                               chronology of triumph and jubilation:
a)      I enter my temple of strength to rule
b)      I climb my tower of wisdom to judge
c)       I get my tough strings to conquer Puppetland
d)      I blow my trumpets and boom my cannons at the guts of heaven and hell 
Fur  proclamation;
smooth easy nights –
 valves and systems,
 needing & prejudices.
                                                                                                                                                    Rancid – ablaze.
it’s pretty and autumn leaves like weeping for pretty poetry and pretty women and soft lights tender warmth and glow and birds in sunset of needed soitude ideas of textbooked paradise sweetest blowjob from eternity or dying or whatever.
You’re too much into the verticals
You’re deepest fear is in falling hard and heavy over the thick old surface
It’s easier for me because I’ve mostly been a reptile – the sort that haunts the guts of this cold grand night and kicks at the balls of the guards of this heart in purple recoil.
And there’s no cage anyway unless you’re that much into vectors.
When children hear their blunt, heavy beats flowing through thick silence and dancing in perfect sync with dark, heavy clockticks,
the first idea is that of death
and it’s very  strange but it isn’t scary at all. 
River runs past heart and clock.
Things got fucked later on,
when they forced us to give in
and etch sad faces on sunsets and sidewalks
And then the cold reckoning of steel and cages stepped in.
 the beats are still here and so are the ticks but now they’re in savage, dogged duel and both sides know that they’re going to lose which they really are.   
Wisdom Claps Company
Deep tiger-paint
shuteye Street-Lion-movement –
 Mad, dog-stream, red heat strike
Jaded creatures in the cage of heart
Obey or suffer.
We have an epic
Our epic has a corpse
The corpse is rotting fast
They have choked our epic
they are making its corpse rot fast 
We will kill them.
 Of little games & limited fun.
Affectation and affliction – magic, roleplaying etc.
The Mother Alternative:
Epoch, Religion, Violence, Chase
Looking at people.
Religion and state
Policy and terror.
Growth and execution.
a)      Because I Knew,
Snipers of preservation draw close. It’s a smaller circle now.
The eternal, wisdomless, formless shitless part of this.
Other piss-off dreams:
Exit. Real.
External entities
Endearment, inamorata, tender titties
Sparrows chirp
New warm milk and peripheral lobs,
Zone in.
Zone out.
The more curious process.
The distinction human
mirrors in mirages,
of sweet dreamkissed climes
fond clouds in fond folds
masks in mirages
debunking of facades, ceaseless bombing, hammering, things go round things stand flowering deflowering and unflowering of civilia, cock, cunt, eros, thanatos
bonfire for all creatures of moonlight
bullet for all that dancing beyond grasp
assshot sunflowers bloom and wilt
weary nights wither
world stands tall on sleeping deities and sleeping cities by the sea
moon goes over river and sea of stay
city sleeps through storm
clouds and abandoned spaceships hover like stern stark, dank prophesy
thunder thumps  down on heart of hearts in silence
 I see blue bodied lighting on storming rivermilk, stormed fortresses and citadels, grey sea in glimmer of smooth fairyloom witchsabbath blacksatin threshold.  
Smooth love of sunshine.
Worshipping  Particular outlines and angles
Another overture
Command and compliance.
Statues and fixations.
The main arch holds.
Other solstice prototypes:
Our primary policy is that we, umm,
Life fabrics
Live action
I see you steering, foodbound fuckbound. 
Process to produce
Entity to help.
Devoted to Improve.
Maximize productivity and happiness.
The only thing that’s worse than being forced to live is being forced to be happy and appreciate the idea of happiness.
Glint on all aspects
Post facto.
I think that’s you.
Load extreme decimation.
Ultimate Exit.
Crawl back within and ape the primary stages development of essence
The opening of windows. Cow-shaped cows fade in horizon.
Silhouettes clashing against silhouettes
Puppets and bitches smashed on darkly frenzied sidewalks with legs spread out wide in fulsome protest against shit in entirety.
Flames leap up in cold, relentless stabs
They sold us
They sold our kingdom
May the sun shine bright on your heart.
You make me want to puke.
The rest is silence.
One industry united.
Living through this
Conflict of opposites provide impetus
For us to move by cloistered spaces
External stimuli are essential.
Heart of silence takes me to camels of diamond 
Pain wraps it all up and clasps throat and eats fingers and climbs walls and breaks through roofs and sits on dark trees of mind and then it all freezes up and there’s a dark blue light that filters in when nothing else does. 
Fast hawks swipe down
First, it bleeds a bit
Then it bleeds profusely.
First comes silence
Then comes more silence
Faces power organizations within
Friction and jolts.
We were kings and queens in that lost fairytale
we had sold it all off long ago
for pleasure and safety.
And Clowns became Killers
Contamination spreads fast
Bus approaches cliff.
Soul and creation of the essence:
It’s Not Desire; another endless extinguishment.
We derive nourishment from food and grow stronger by the hours of the tiger and flames
And we keep on growing stronger till we are too strong for
the tiger
for flames
and for victory & defeat.
Thick moss of death on thick meat of love.
 Let’s make crazy love by the river tonight
Strange radio said that Responsibility implies You are carrying A Special Power of not wanting to kill the other despite everything. We carry crosses across fetid fields of ribosome and marigold and straight into the guts of hell.
Deprived of definite structures, Energy should be spent in total, complete and perfect slaughter.
Faust and other original symbols.
There’s nothing without this.
Symbols mean Mind and values
Poetry goes to places where nothing else can.
An occurrence through valves and smoke coiling up along vines of time, history and other depths. Languid channels sway in sad waves. Cold music glides through cold highway in moonlight.
It’s like a portrait of sad beauty. Almost all pretty things are like that.
Temple of hatred flings open doors
Big Bad Wolf jumps on Little Red Riding Hood. 
People Dreamt of skilled stratagems and aware trade through dalliances and omissions.
And became full, intrinsic and one-sided.
Sometimes it becomes so lonely that there’s no sky and no sunshine and no river of sundown and then there are those bitter frozen faces and sweet child of agony weeps in silence and it’s all about tableclocks and bookracks and doorknobs and socks on laundry heaps and cumstains on bedsheet and decay on roots and everything else.     
Thus, the retention of performance leads to shattering.
People did not Dream of art.
So the gods and kings were angry.
Insights Catch results
True colors of love screw false colours of love.
Forms approach Again
Equilibrium of toy-mind.
Deprivation is the surest whip.
The sixth horseman is dear.
Object formed, but it can’t survive poison
Steps in.
Consider Phlebas.
Eligibility: creation of man from clay.
Results in combustion and immortality.
By this, corrosion,
 Policies for real linear transgression
A completion! A vehemence! An eventuality!
The heart is a gorilla now
Cows of love moo at moon of love
Lizards chase dawn.
Archers shoot at dusk.
Children of depravity kneel to beg for mercy
World goes mad.  
Art begets art.
Shit begets shit
Comparison with perfection is essential.
Forms of misery:
Love you, child.
I do not like this.
Sand and other basics
Bitches of misery shiver.
Rabbit in foglight.
Prevention of self-preservation.
Each move to get closer to the hazy forest of light and shadows
Hoping that our kingdom of love will be there.
Beat, glow.
It’s just something flying by overhead. 
Heart of core
Soft, pink, brown etc.
Clown of rats carries placard that says - “Alas! Alas!”
Sailors’ chorus: “Existence of life
Depends on leading and destroying”
Seven prickly characters.
Got involved in the deal.
A ship named Asthenia a dick named cunt god boils over in supernova big reptiles on sleek smooth floors. Bed sticking with sweat and cum of a thousand centuries of rain and misery, and chains to be broken and walls to be smashed hard blank towers of severe strength rise, strong and silent, over these.
Author of the mind
Scientific approach.
“Out of service”.
Defeated eyes. Birds fly to fond sundown of love.
It’s not a new spin. Doors get browner. Milk of love flows out.
Treatment of all disease
Evolution and survival
Learning to spread epitaphs across all the realms.  
Lacuna and Superflow: Supermice operate all systems. Supermen control all Supermice.   Supergod commands over all supermen.
Another world. Another glory.  
Another endless unweaving.
Matter and agent of containment, contamination, contentment of cunts.
Edges and heredity:
Zero Installation charges and subdued residuary roars.
Hello, fuckers!
Also, This:
Shadows again.
Tigers again.
Stones crack up.
Lizard hides on cracks
Cockroach scampers to shadows
Shadows scamper to tigers.
And then this whole deal was affirmed.
But that’s another story of another world.
Indeed, frames are always welcome.
It’s all about these personal maps
I kneet before
Big Scary Mama, with her big scary pussy
and her cavey darkness which hides her raw red pulpcore glow within and clouds swirling through that opens up when she’s in full fury that holds all roots and kiss and lick her ass.
Come, let’s puke.
Scene ##
Big bunny on rickshaws on sunset etc.
The main problem with the world is that
many people don’t sleep naked
and those who do can’t understand why those who don’t can’t.  
Thorough senses seek help For
Aloof involvement and analysis
Of the One Third.
Boogeyman has brilliant white teeth and killer eyes. 
Boogeyman can drink laughter with the gods and drink love with sad lonely losers.
Boogeyman kills like he needs to.
Hapless cock
With dark wisdom of old fairy tales
Boobs, shadows, meats,  platypus abandon
Yellow often joins
I wake up on yellow day.