Monday, August 7, 2017

Naked Heart

the gun's too close
too thick the mist
your heart is black
so clench your fist

your heart is blue
your heart is green
your songs are true
your fireflies glean

like magic dots
in the heart of night
your heart is black
so rise and fight

your heart is a song
your soul is steel
the gun's too close
the river flows

where do you flow?
how do we row?
who there screams
in gypsy dreams?

who shall go
where the flames lie low?
your teacher was darkness -
the wolves shall know

the wolves make guns
the wolves made daggers
the wolves kill with swagger
the wolves have fun

and here you are
your shadows quiver
the moon is red
your heart is a giver

and the gun's too close
too beastly be the moon
so seek out from your dark
a naked, lonely tune.