Friday, March 19, 2010

This Much

Well, it takes nothing, just peep inside
And stare at her, and she’ll never hide
Think of the gallery where her photos were hung
And hum those little tunes never meant to be sung

Well, it takes nothing, just a crazy smile
And a belief that she’ll wait for a while
To think that her eyes were not that splendid
And to think that thinking hurts a lot indeed

Well, it takes nothing, and no questions to ask
No curtains to tear down, no faces to unmask
To stop worrying about the right and the wrong
And to lie down where the breeze blows strong

A new song, a new truth and a new dawn
And a new and nice warm rug to lie upon
A pint of whisky! And a new tune taking shape
It’s the beginning, you know, it’s not an escape

Well, that’s all it takes to feed the dreams
And all that remains is just a fading glimpse
Of eyes that smiled and of stars that shone –
Just make-believe that you’re not all alone!


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