Monday, March 30, 2009

Visions of a Mad Poet

Yesternight I bathed in you
And I can yet feel your moonlight
along the distant thundering horizons

Fading unto the darkness of some unknown
tomorrow… a tomorrow that never dies
A tomorrow that never comes but with
shattered epitomes of mortality
and clipped wings of hope that never was…

The fragrance of your love lingers
in my pillow, and in my forlorn dreams
Floating along the margins of my soul…

But now I’m ready to give you away
For now I live by the burning gasoline
of my sleepless eternity...

So now we must part ways
For you have wings and I have roots
Perhaps we shall meet again
At the crossroads of heaven, hell and destiny…
But then again, that’s merely a possibility

Friday, March 20, 2009


The primal desire is to be alone
To live and die in silence…
Loneliness in the womb
Loneliness in the grave
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…
Oh, how I wish for the footsteps
To be silent…silent like the flowing time
Silent like the waves, the stars, the
moth eaten reality…too silent
to be called deafening…
And too lonely to be called
anything but love…silent love
Lonely tears… soldiers of desire
Dreams, lights dimmed out…
I crave for these… smile is
Not a lie…nothing can ever be
too distant to be called untruth
And even laughter can be
hollower than the desert...

The foggy midnight darkness
The lonely train in the empty
station…the lighthouse standing
tall… unkissed… the petals wilting
and the moonlight waning…
Paperboats floating in the
Evanescence…in search of
Dreamless lonely eyes…
Torn pages full of poems,
Lyrics of the forlorn dusk …
The flute keeps on playing
in the country dust..
Little insects – they too
dive at the candle flame
And a candleflame can be
all alone, like you and me

I love you, my sweet sorrow…
Oh, how I crave your lonely
lips…your sad eyes…your
lap…for me to rest my lonely
tired head… I’ll wait for you, baby
For you to find me alone enough…
I'll wait till the dawn of eternity
finds me and my absinth ...

...all alone...

Selfish Thoughts on God and Devil

It gnaws and crawls
within, the holy beast,
The little big son of
Lucifer, I presume
Pure as hell, sure as heaven
It wants to be free, for sure
free like a dead man
But I love it, and I try
to keep it within
As the Hemlock breeds
for Socrates to bleed
And the catacombs burst
open…let’s peep in
What do we see? --
Dead poets, dying stars
And living rats…
Persecuted all right
Not the dead or dying
But the living ones…
The biggest curse we’ve
ever known is that the beast
within can never be tamed
And we’ll have to carry the
burden of the Sin…
Right unto the east of
And what else?...Smokes…
wave at us… the scent
of the darkness… the womb…
The magnolia of the eyes
Someone I loved, you loved
in dreams…till the beast
tore her up, within…
Faced with two options
love and the beast…
We’ll invariably chose the
second one…

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disillusions, Dizzy Illusions and Dissolutions

Cold and distant star…
The last drops of atomic eternity
float around…
Bubbles and tinted glory – dream – another
world we’re in, lights surround…
Fleeting visions, disarrayed
Let 'em stray
Blotted in evanescent meshwoks
Jotted down in attempted
Dreams don’t fade that life …
And returning – turns only to say
Didn’t you see the blood in my knife?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Holy Grail and the Butcher - With a Few Question Marks

I build up my nights,
and I drown in them
The vacant maze
of civilazions
between my fingers
The fire burns beneath my
teapot, and it burns elsewhere too
The cigerette sings
a lullaby to me,
with her coiling smoke-stream
Faintly hoping that it would affect
me, anymore
But my own songs
are written in charcoal sketches
on the blank backside
of the ticket of the bus
which leads to the station
of eternity…
I don’t give a shit to that
My skin and my cock
feel the same
And am too tired to sleep…
Written words…written words…
why the hell do you march
in a column
like scared soldiers,
waiting for some godforsaken
Napoleon's orders?
Can’t you guys be a bit
more chaotic than this ?
That would make me
more comfortable
with my verse
Eternity has got stuck
on the cob-webs
and a lizard might
try to swallow it up
clumsily, before long
But why do I even care?
I live this moment alright
and I feel it too
But will I feel the
next one?
Pray why the hell
should I care ‘bout that
I’ve attained nirvana
at the rustling
bee-bones of my leaves…
And moksha is just a
few gas-stations away…
Closer than the stars
for sure

Epitaph of a Shipwrecked Brother

They return to me at the sunset
All my lonely tears
I do not know where they come from
I do not know what they seek…
But sure as hell they come
Like the sad songbirds…
The rest of it is all empty, hollow
Hollow like my sleepless eyes
Emplty like my dreamless nights…
The moonlight’s too shallow a sea
For me to swim and drown
The stars are too morbid and numb
To sing to my vacuous heart…
My bedroom mirror's too cracked
For me to look at my own soul
And my pains are so deep
That I don’t feel them anymore…
This is my epitaph, brothers and sisters
Please don’t pee on it

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mugdho-Bodh Prothom Bhag

Bibartoner pothhey ekhhono shandhhyopherii ?

Pao ni? pao ni ja khnujchho? aro koto derii ?

Kuasha dekhhchho na? Awbogahoner shomawye

kromosho otikranto...dhulidhushor mukhawrotaye...

Bondhu, aajo ki shawngopawney hao ni klanto?

Aaj o ki ankhhiputey...shwopniil atolanto?

Ekhhono proshnochinho? Ekhono shongyahara?

Ekhono spordhhito ghumchhut ektara?

Biliin hawar kaal eshechhey to kawtobaar

Kawto raatey bejey gyachhe shiimahiin hahakar...

Tobu raatghumey chupisharey aajo kaar hatchhani...

Isharaye boley jaye...Jani...Jani...S-h-o-b jani...