Thursday, April 22, 2010


Strange patterns
Movements, false images
Curved out of sand,
For men of ashes
Women with jasmine

Out! Damned Spot!

The final act is over
Curtains please

*Clap clap*

El Dorado
march march march
rain rain rain
church church church
pain pain pain

So what if I tell you that I have spent all my life imitating you?
So what if I tell you that I have spent all my money gambling?
They had shot at us
They had stabbed us
Fresh blood!
Don’t cry
Don’t cry, baby,
Don’t tempt me to choke you…
Friend, my friend
Will I not dance for you as I see you dying?

Mint in her breath
Diamonds in her eyes
Love in her death
Birds in her skies

I swim
You swim
We swim
Me swim
Us swim

Sweet dream
Eyes skies sighs surprise

*throb throb*

Is it a tower? Is it a flower?

The old pervert insect
Antique, oversexed grasshopper,
inside-out, harbours

The tiger awakes,
Burning bright!

And Leda, they say, was ravaged by a Swan!

Actors act that they are acting
Inked out by the swan
A red dot in the yolk
is life! Life!
Burning bright

Float, swing, shoot, squirt
Our other lives
Our other deaths

The camel is a thinker
From ancient greek imageries
The snail is a freeze-shot
From old silent movie-frames
Even T-shirts talk of revolution
In their own multi-faced jewel-assed advertisements
Someone must have injected a witch’s head in
a whirlpool

It’s all blue now

Own some

I like your skin
Soft, velvet, river-flow
Veins and guts all rolled-up
Tucked-up, stored, hidden
Somewhere safe,
Somewhere barbaric-cave-ebb-tide,
(Time and tide waits for a nun)

I like your skin
May I touch you?

*drumbeats in the background, an artist painting
his own death*

We step out for our journey on a night like this

Zoom camera!
Take a close up of the toad’s warts
Tears of some old lady
Branches with birds chirp chatter gossip
Green pale by the lanterns for electricity
is still a luxury for many

Blue pale
Hakuna Matata
A Wheel with Wings

Someone has died somewhere
This ghastly massacre must end
Gypsy-tents, bon-fires, story-nights

*The volcano erupts*

Caterpillars, Breeze

Pack your bags before it’s too late
Don’t forget to put your corpse in it

I believe that I don’t believe
I open myself up
I am happy
I am the rain

And then,
The poet meets the sniper

It’s nothing, really
Just a butterfly stuck in spiderweb

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Faithful

That movement was to be undone.
By that time the carnival had begun
By the five rivers of hell
The dead gods fell

It’s too difficult
The cold train arrives at midnight
The fog with its yellow bones
Wraps the city, wraps the train
Wraps the little dogs

From street to street
Beating retreat
Babylon! Babylon!
The other fire
The other temple
The other God
Twenty hands, thirty feet,
Fifty tongues
Decorated, in flesh,
Like a neon-stabbed city --
A skeleton in a queen's gown
Tumble down, tumble down

Twining stresses - two by two
Shining faces - through and through
And who forgets the cobwebs?

People making judgments
People sailing
People eating snakes
People making love
to flowers....

Here we are,
This new world
This new mind


Beethoven Beethoven caged in sounds
Death – Music, meat for the hounds
Red scars of wine
Dead stars to shine
Petals – blue
Morning – true

A broken flute
A cheap candle
Everything, by the cobblestones
Men of war
Men of peace
House of cards
A thirsty kiss

I was waiting
It was raining

Valley of Death
Tower of God
Everything else

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweeping the Graveyard / The Drowning of Titanic / Taking a Dump on the Universe / Appreciating Tolstoy / Miracles / Tinkerbell

I give it all back to you now
Because, all of a sudden,
The sky seems too vulgar
The patterns are still there
The caveman and his fire
Filthy candles on broken alters
Burn, burn,
Burn with red marks and green goblin-eyes
Burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
Burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
Burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
I’m a leopard
I’m a shepherd
I’m a ghost with a hairy ass
There’s a ghost right behind you
There’re ghosts in the mirrors
There’re ghosts in the crazy-dead lights

Rewind, rewind

Here’s a new garden and here’s an old flower


You think it’s wine
You think it’s water
You think you’re fine
You think you’re better

I don’t think
I stare at my roof
But I don’t think

The lizard ate the butterfly


Too much salt and too many salamanders
(Is lizard an amphibian?
I haven’t seen one swim, ever)
There’s the black hole
And then there are muffins

I eat everything.
First, the roof.
Then, the clouds
Then, the stars
Then, the sky
Then, the night
And finally, the muffins


See, it all makes sense

Just use the correct lens
And the correct tense


And they killed each other happily ever after

So leave me alone, and weave your own night


Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Grey Festival

That’s how I can write
For the lady of the light
House of candles and men of wax
Cover yourselves, cover your tracks

And it’s time for the lions to rule
My hands are soft, my eyes are cool
Nights of silk and fires of wool
And it’s time for the lions to rule

The ship is white and I am blank
I don’t remember where it sank
There’s a lotus in my mind
Where were you when I was blind?

There are insects below this house
There are fires we need to douse
I saw those tents by river Nile
Marching in a single file

I won’t have, I will own
It’s your room you’re all alone
Music freezes below the tongue
All the songs that you had sung

I have my claws, I have my teeth
The king has a sword to cut me with
Then tie me down to your womb
Let me watch the flowers bloom

Snakes and angels in this land
A voice had drowned in the sand
There he goes, sad old Midas
Do you remember where she hid us?

Diamond and heart in the shade
Waiting for their club and spade
With streams of gold I was made
The sun was dead, the sky was red

Eyes have arrows, skies have sparrows
I have a mirror, and the wise have sorrows
When the monster comes to this place
Just tear that mask off his face

A book for death, a debt for life
Fast is the bullet, sharp is the knife
Birds and bees have their wings
A boat decked with pretty things

The king is sad, so is the queen
I had lost and I had to win
Marks of whip on their backs
Melting down my house of wax

Men of candles, roofs of streams
Tailless horses, hooves of dreams
Riding by, gliding by
The moon is high in the sky

The slave in the galley
He craves for the valley
With the dead in the grave
And the heads in wave

Reading for the signs
Crashing through the lines
And then the final scene
Gets stuck in between

The town has its own days
The clown has his own ways
The frown has its own gaze
We drown in the known maze

Lights to make the nights yellow
Heights frights and a little swallow
Thugs on hire to kill the liar
Rivers on fire, children to sire

The same cities, the same ruins
The same sisters, the same twins
Here they are, in my car
Waiting for the final war

Dig the dark, there is peace
Take the spark, fake the kiss
I read books, we read books
Look at her, they way she looks!

The music ends in two and three
The music ends by a cherry tree
Do not weep, bury me
In the garden of the starry sea

If you find them in the duel
Tell to them that they were cruel
Tell them all the things you know
Touch the river, make it flow

Touch the fire, make it burn
Touch the world, make it turn
Then you can come back to me
Here’s the lock, here’s the key

Saturday, April 10, 2010

As They Shone

Many things flow past
And the magic becomes blind
Many trees grow fast
And the others I must find

I’m holy enough not to believe

I’m wounded enough to feel
I’m broken enough not to grieve
I’m honest enough to steal

In the city they had a feast

In the forest the hunt began
By the river, they killed a beast
By the church, they killed a man

I’ve seen portraits of the dead

And I’ve seen statues with frozen eyes
People eat gold, people sell bread
As flowers keep burning in the skies

This place seems so sacred

Here worship stands tall
And there he stands – Hatred
By the window of the hall

Tears were banned

By a king, long long ago
And fires were fanned
By the ones who did not go

The bleeding God of the Valley

Throb through me, now and then
That same blood in this alley
Runs thick and blue, down the drain

I had seen my pale green Mother

Taking the morning train
And the next time the clouds gather
I’ll tell them not to rain

The sun is shining bright above

I see the bells, I hear them toll
Life and Death had made their love
Time was born in a the bullet-hole

Twelve mighty chieftains of twelve mighty tribes

Sat somber and grave on twelve mighty thrones
By the twelve stars they swore to defend our lives
But the stars were dead, I could see their bones

There lives a fairy of the night

She’ll grant me sixteen boons
And the old toad – he looks so bright
As he hops along the sixteen moons

I can trust you in the dark

If you don’t read these letters
In my eyes there’s a spark
Don’t trust me, trust my fetters

Perhaps a time will come

When no words shall cost enough
Perhaps the chords will strum
But beware, for these roads are rough

By the moonlight I saw the march

Of all the moons that had drowned
I saw the bridges, I saw their arch,
I saw those infants who were crowned

He was gagged in a chamber

By a beast with one horn
And by the end of December
God and Snow were reborn

I am sad and hence I rejoice

Symmetries and Cemeteries of the clock
The little boy had lost his voice
And became a flower beneath the rock

There comes a time when the music stops

And out in the cold the light shall fade
The rivers have died, and so have the crops
The purple gown has a crimson shade

This is where these whispers end

I’m sick and tired of my face
Forgive me, dearest friend
These words were lies. I confess

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chants for Satan and Marquis de Sade

I’m a priest of my worship
My worship
My worship of the flesh
My worship breeds poison
Needs you
Seeks flowers that are fresh

I sing to the thirst

Of the cursed
Who went down first
To be nursed
By the tip
Of the whip
When they slip
I worship
My worship
Of the stars and the scars
Of ill-versed desires
And ill-fanned bonfires
To light the pyres
of all you liars

My abyss

Seeks your kiss
Your river
Seeks my fever
For mirrors never lie
It’s just that we die

And it’s a funny thing

That we think as we sing
Of the Lion, the mighty king
But our throats get sore
And we sing no more
For the lioness, the whore

I find you in a cage

Like a starving sage
In an empty stage
Acting out his age

But my skin

Is for the queen
And my bones
Are for the stones
And my blood
Shall bring the flood

I sin your virtues

I pin your horse-shoes
And I win when you lose
Dear Mother-goose
So what do you choose?

Yours truly,

A little slowly
A little holy
A little lowly
Yes, it rather odd
That I’m your God
Think not, just be awed
Or else, you’ll be sawed
By a whale well-jawed
With an iron rod
With those spikes all over
She likes when I shove Her!
As I laugh when you blubber
With a stick made of rubber
That you really love Her
That She’s your only lover
That at times you do club Her

My reason

Is your prison
And yours it is mine
I’ll lose the keys
You’ll choose the seas
And all will be fine
But if you set a trap
I’ll go there and crap

I’m the servant

Of the serpent
And I ferment
That fervent torment

And my meat –

That tastes so sweet
Is for you to eat
Before you beat retreat
With all your blessed conceit

And I’ll make haste

To choose a new guest
With more blood to taste
From the tower of my chest
With flowers for the rest
To wish them all the best

For more blood shall flow

Into your plate
Before you know,
And before you go
By that gate
Which you hate

Well, the soothsayer

He can stand and stare
At death that shall float
In the eyes of the goat
And my corpse shall bloat
In the river, by your boat
Where you sing and gloat
Like a pig in a wig
Like graves that I dig
Like a fool and his gig
Like a costume too big
Tanned out of sheep-hide
To fit in all your flipside

You’d thought yourself as a leopard

Yet you chose to follow that Shepherd
And you became a sheep
All ready for my whip

I’ve broken that bloody mirror

For I’m your only terror
And I’m nothing but your eyes
Now, did this come as a surprise?

And as you’re fast asleep

I go on with my worship
My worship of the flesh
My worship breeds poison
Needs reason and your treason
And seeks flowers that are fresh

Well it’s not in Hell

That I really dwell
And you know that as well
Those fires and those pig-sties
Are nothing but some big lies
They teach this in your schools
And trick you, poor fools
To mend those broken rules

To the Goddess those who had lied

They had suffered, they had died
Nowhere to run, there’s no place to hide
You’ll be caught and you’ll be brought
You’ll be tied and you’ll be tried
So come to me and drink my pride

See my flowers scatter

In your blue water
See my glory shine
In your bitter wine
Feel my serpent skin
Writhing with pain within
And my poison breath
It’s ready for your death
As this final kiss
Shall bring you heaven and bliss

Such goes my chant

For Satan and Her Savant
And now you can have Her
And you can make Her shiver
Like that endless river
Flowing on, forever….

if you find this vulgar or blasphemous, you can choose to cringe your plastic-nose at this or else you can choose to take printouts of this to wipe your preposterous or maybe not-that-preposterous posteriors . I won't really mind.

Children of Mercy

When the moon shines bright in my kingdom of pain
Children of mercy, they come down the rain
Children of mercy with music in their eyes
Children of mercy, they come down the skies

When my island stands lonely in the ocean of the dead
When the ship gets lost in the faraway lands
When the wind brings tears and the stars begin to fade
Children of mercy, they reach out for my hands

Children of mercy, strange flowers they bring
Children of mercy, strange songs they sing
Children of mercy, in the garden of my dreams
Children of mercy, in a thousand little streams

When these nights glide by bringing no life
When the river stops singing and the bridges catch fire
When eyeballs rove along the edge of this knife
Those Children of mercy – they will always reach there

When my sail seeks a breeze and my engine seeks a spark
Children of mercy, they light candles in the dark
Children of mercy from the kingdom of my mirth
Angels gave them wings and sent them to the earth

Children of mercy – they watch me through the night

They hear me when I cry and they hear me when I sigh
They bring to me their love, they bring to me their light
And they take me to that place where rainbows never die

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Mother saw those clouds
Was a dream, was a dream
Mother saw those clouds
Was a dream

Mother saw the sun
She awoke, she had to
The stage was set
It had rained
The world was new

Love was born in full-moon
And Life sprang up soon
In the gardens, in the hallways
The song now, the song, always…..

And seven steps were taken
in the night
And seven colours merged
to become white

The moonlight!

The home. The waters

Silver. Ohm. Lotus.


Hold the torch, hold it strong,
Let it burn and sing the song;
Dust and Gold, all the same,
Touch the lamp, light the flame;
Nothing’s right and nothing’s wrong
in a world you don’t belong!

The body was old;
Inside, no trace of time
The moon gets cold
When words lose the rhyme

Yet another full-moon night
And the angels came down with the rain….

The leaves had to sing
They forgot
The flowers had to bloom
They forgot
The mother had to cry
She forgot…

The earth was silent
The world was burning…..

In Between

In between, the river flowed,
the river flows…..

And we were singing,
And we are singing…..

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Few Questions

Some people turn into stone,
Others turn into gold
Does that make any difference,
Save when they are sold?

Some birds die in silence
Some while they sing
Does that matter anyway
To bells that never ring?

Some are born to rule
And others to be ruled
Does that change the lives
Of those born to be fooled?

Some portraits talk of life
Others talk of death
But do they carry the scent
Of the painter’s breath?

Some rivers meet the sea
Some dry up midway
Does that change the course,
Of words that we say?

We think of those who win
We think of those who lose
But do we ever really think
Of those who refuse to choose?


This is my Bethlehem
This is my lay
This is my first shame
I’m here to stay

Let us love one another

Let us die of thirst
Rest assured sweetest Mother
I’ll come out first

A part of me is flesh and bone

A part of me is clay
A part of me is dead and gone
A part was born today

All day long it shall rain

Clouds fill up the skies
But the sun shall rise again
Right from your eyes

Curtains to be ripped apart

And mirrors I must shatter
This is where it all must start
But does it really matter?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Outcome: A Warning

Everything sinks, everything….
Even mosses on sandstones
So pack your bags
Before it’s too late

But the guards are awake
And so is the snake
So beware
Don’t burn the pictures

Take your eyes off the blood
Take the blood off your eyes
Just snuff out the candle-flame
And fly away

Everything sinks, everything….