Wednesday, April 11, 2018


lately, it is as if
our limbs,
head and torso
are all knotted up
with our minds

lately, it is as if,
a spider-web has fought a storm 
to the spot wherefrom
begins total recall

lately, oceans go as deep
as they have been going
on and on
since ancience
driven, it is as if
by the fuel of time
lately, time runs fast 
& furious, like obvious rhymes that befall
in silence, like they are to befall
the night, of perfect indecision 
when cicadas rained

lately, creatures of the rain
creatures of the ocean
swimming, attempting 
evolutionary leap - seeking to fly
writhe, beseech,
the history of our sweet homestay

words fumble to silence
scriptures make no reply
like dying clockworks on their respective deathbeds
on their respective isolation chambers
polite, faithful towards oranges
and philately 
remembering zebra crossings on sunsets
they shoot, they fall, 
they fade

behold the polite beings!
defeated, decayed, celebrating,
arms raised on air
mind and body flung, tossed,
sunbound, moonbound, driven, 
as if, 
by all endgame curses,
by all toxin
slandered out
of all forked tongues
that express. Behold the carnival,
the great pain, entering
the cave where it all caves in,

do they leave their auras behind?
do those among them who are trees
leave their shed leaves behind?

lately, it is as if,
sadness, having turned
its face back towards all people
and things that are sad, 
speaks out, soft and clear -
"you are beautiful
every morning when i look out of the window
the rising sun shines with your face
every evening,
the sun sets in the west"

That, it always does.