Saturday, May 29, 2010


Step down from you throne, girl
It’s just this game of flowers
I’m waiting in this ancient hall
We’re waiting for the showers

There’s a train coming down
Let us take the ride
You can wear my golden crown
By the riverside

There’s a sad fountain by the flame
Where pigeons burn their dreams
And faces of them who had no name
Chant their divine hymns

Rain to wash these purple nights
The king of toads, I hear him croak
Lonely windows in pale-green lights
Whisper their death in ash and smoke

Soothe my wounds as they burn
Touch this fire with your fingers
Battles to fight, pages to turn
Everything stays, everything lingers

Just this lonesome banquet moon
And this blanket, it hides the past
The tree is new, it’ll flower soon
Let’s gift our sighs to the fog and dust

There’s a sunset that talks of us
Candles wage their forlorn war
There’s a temple with tinted glass
Worshipped by the morning star

As a child I lost my way
And I wandered by this unknown lake
Let’s us bow, let us pray
With miles to go and promises to make

I give to you my unsung songs,
My fading words, dead and gone,
I give you my heart, to you it belongs
In the choir of this broken dawn

Nights to weave my pain and sighs
The silent sea, cold and blue
Sheds her tears when a sailor dies
But all my songs are just for you

My attic floor with flowers strewn
Awaits your mint in my breath
Like a piano played out of tune
Leaves die their thousandth death

Take my faith, take my heart
And all the words I never wrote
Tear the curtains wide apart
And take this river where lilies float

Step down from your throne, girl
Step down to my arms
Let this flag of life unfurl
Drown me in your charms

It’s cold in here, it’s very cold
And all the words are spoken
All the portraits have been sold
And everything else is broken

I want you in the snow
I want you in the rain
In the wild river’s flow
And in all my throbbing pain

I want you in my sleep
I want you in my dreams
In waves that run so deep
In a thousand mountain streams

I want you in the skies
I want you in the mud
And in the poison of disguise
That seeps through my blood

So come here, to this haunted place
This magic lamp – it glows for you
And tear these masks off my face
And kiss my lies to make them true….


storyteller said...

I love this,I really do :) Did that make your day?

atindriyo said...

that sure did!