Friday, June 4, 2010

Elephants Never Forget

It’s my time to walk now
It’s my time to sing
Long shadows falling through
I can’t see anything

The road winds through the skies
The skies shall fall apart
And darkness eats the eyes
As the tree digs its heart

Broken men and broken birds
Bound to the same chain,
They cry out for some love,
For the rain knows no pain

Prisoners and puppets
In the strings of false hope
As the past steals the snippets
And the hangman oils his rope

There’s the dead soldier
He walks in the snow
Once the moon was older
But the blind had to go

As the parrots fly in pairs
With windchimes trapped in sighs
Withered away by cares
And music fills the skies

Every lie seems so true
As flutes lose their song
And I am a pilgrim too
But the night seems so long

My flag up that hill
It flutters in the breeze
And moments stand so still
While ghosts seek the seas

The gambler, he was brave
There’s wine in his flask
He lays there in his grave
And gambles with his mask

There’s a joker who was sad
He had the unknown fever
His tricks were not that bad
But then he became the river

A little girl was lost
She thought her life would end
Until the man of frost
Met her and became her friend

People live here,
Feeding their caged doves
And there’s the soothsayer
Who wears his iron gloves

Death stands by mirrors
Staring down the drains
I fear all my errors
And whatever that remains

Santa Claus lives in flames
He arrived long ago
He stole all our names
Though the horns refused to blow

I was a child of ash
Was raised to be a clown
But then I heard the crash
Of a house tumbling down

Play the music slow
Be gentle with the birds
The Ace is missing though
From your treasured pack of cards

My words have packed their bags
To catch the midnight train
My pain has stolen my rags
She’s dancing in the rain

The edge of the razor blade
Dreams of the feasts
Those farewells I never bade
They point at my wrists

And now it’s my turn to walk
It’s my turn to run
I won’t whisper, I won’t talk
I’m just waiting for the sun

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