Monday, May 24, 2010

Plastic Rain

Once there was a flower
And a lion so wild
Talked to the storms
And smiled like a child

The moon takes his walking stick
Ambles away, sad and old
The forests are all ablaze
Elephants made of gold

But why don’t you touch?
And why don’t you sing?
Try, lady, it won’t hurt that much
The snow and that other sad thing

Breathe, lifeless, you be blessed
Breeze for life; death and thirst
It’s a snake, and it’s two-faced
Never mind, I came out first

See the lights? It’s a train!
Take me to a world that turns
Winter rain, winter rain,
Give to me a fire that burns!

But where shall I go?
It’s a small town
And I’ll get to know
When the joker steps down

Soldier’s made of stone
Must the skies be grey?
What’s there left to own?
Did she turn away?

And many faces stare
And slaves rush to light
Will you stay there?
In the old cold night

Wither away, pretty flower
Dancing rivers and blue
And then comes the hour
When eyes become true

Once dead, twice reborn
Candles pale and thin
Lonely pages must be torn
If I have to win

There’s a sniper on the beach
And a desert by the stairs
The sky is out of reach
But no one really cares

Posters never lie
But they never talk
Roosters never sigh
Ring the bell, don't knock

Too much foam and froth
The guns never fired
The flame loves the moth
The moth is way too tired

There’s nothing we can say
So let’s just wait for the day
If you wish so, you can tell
The tales of those who fell

Happy life!

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