Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cowboy Rides Out

Riding on this little horse,
Riding out of town,
Chewed the bacon and licked the sauce,
The sun’s going down.

Wine gives you hope and joy,
And water makes you drown!
Oh I am just a little boy
And I’m riding out of town!

Mother said be careful, lad,
Father said, be strong,
Sister said that she’ll be sad,
And she wrote to me a song

I have a little girl of mine
And she loves me too;
In her eyes dewdrops shine,
I’ll miss her thru and thru

Little bells, I hear them chime,
The distant seems so hazy,
It’s not the time, it’s not the time,
Oh it’s not the time to be lazy!

The road ahead, it is rough,
I must ride it through;
Doesn’t matter, I’m brave enough,
I have my pistol too!

If enemies stand in my way,
I will fight them out,
Well I’ve got my words to say,
I have my foes to rout!

It might snow, it might rain,
The sun might beat down strong;
I have to bear all this pain,
For I must ride along!

I’ll miss the town, I’ll miss my home,
I’ll miss the ones I love,
But I’m riding to the thunder-dome,
I’ll touch the skies above!

Well at times I’ll be weary enough,
At times I’ll be sad;
Often, I know, things get tough
But life’s not all bad!

So roll along, little horsie,
Charge through the night -
There’s a world for us to see,
With fires burning bright!

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