Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Like That Only

It’s 2:22 by my laptop
Show me your altar
I’ll worship you,

It’s this, this mirror,
(or is it just another photograph meant to poison the fools?)
And erotic and blue
And smoke, and snakes
All around

This face, that face
These faces.
Bring me the cold,
The water
So many useless promises
And candles and strains
Of music, dead music
Dead stars, dead insects….

I take off my mask
And here I stand
And now
I worship you
Show me your altar,
It’s time
The Milky Way is on fire
The streams are wild
It’s this. Life. Swim
Stream, stream
Up, Upstream
Here. We. Go


It’s 2:28 by my laptop
Six minutes since the first flicker
An eternity since the first drop
The last. The first
And the wheel
Still life
Still, life

1 comment:

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

of masking and unmasking....a journey for knowing.......of one-self and deception...of life and illsuion......brilliant