Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ribald Roses, Naked Ribbons

when i saw Pablo Neruda sitting in a train that stood in rain i was sad
when i saw three-headed wisdom turned heavenbound in askance i was a crocodile
when i saw dogs roaming in dogged streets on dogged afternoons i was fighting the xylem-phloem divide
when i saw Borges staring at Aleph i was blind
when i saw the silent ocean i saw my eyes afloat on the tides
when i saw you finding your way out of the labyrinth with your thread you were Theseus and i was a puritan
when i saw diplomats cycling their way away from the polluted catacombs and  into the guts of hell i was my mind
when i saw monsters fishing for love i was the thrall of Mameluke.
when i saw her swimming she could've been Ophelia and i could've been beastly horny
when i saw wolves jumping out from the creeks of Time i was an endless fairytale
when i saw the frozen children i was the bomb of god
when i saw the gods abandon Anthony i wasn't much
when i saw the Titans marching i penned the sonnet of yesterday's dawn
when i saw the moon in the cauldron i took out my knife
when i saw the Tarantula yawn i was my milk-yolked morning
when i saw the hunter i was the hunted
when i saw the hunted i was the phantom
when i saw Aristotle he counted my teeth
when i saw the oaks i was mercy, eternally blessed
when i saw Jeremy, friend, picking a dusty tune for the city i pressed a button
when i saw myself staggering between snakes and ladders i was the space between the blade and the neck
when i saw the cup of blue love i donned my kingly robes and ruled through a few epics and sunsets.
when i was born i was very hungry

and then there was sunshine
and the skies were filled with gold
and the gods were happy
and the demons were happy
and the cows were cows
and madhouses were on fire
and the food turned into music
and flesh turned into earth
and the earth was alive
and the earth was dead
and the bones were dry
and the pillars were toppling
and the dead were asleep in stables
and the alive were awake in stables
and the arrows were asleep in quivers
and the ships were asleep in mist.

and i had seen a lot of things and i had been a lot of things
and i shall see a lot of things and i shall be a lot of things
my hands are folded
my i-s are dotted
my flowers don't wilt
my pictures don't fade.

new alphabet of mind,
speak to me
sing to me
be kind
pull the trigger

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