Thursday, December 5, 2013

Arses of Verses

Arse 1

there was a man
whose name was Han
who was fond
of the fishes of his pond
some were red
some were blue
and Han's friend Ted
Loved them too
But then came a guy
who let out a sigh
and ate those fishes
against their wishes
and let out a fart
for he wasn't very smart
the fart carried their souls
to god's fishy bowls
and thus they reached heaven
when the clock struck seven
Han was very sad
And grief made him mad
And hence he fell and died
For him Ted cried
and Ted died too
and this story is true.

Arse 2

love is so beautiful
that if you don't do love you are fool
love makes us drool
so much that before long it's a pool
of saliva and juice of love
and god lives in heaven above
does love to goddess 
and kisses her face
heart becomes happy and sings
of nice beautiful things
for love is so beautiful and sweet
that happy little birds chirp and tweet
if you don't love this poem i will be sad
and think that you don't love me and think that you are bad
so let us do the love
and fly high to the sky above!

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