Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mama's New Bakery

happy Birds flying
where do you hide, how do you hide?
one for the eyes and one between
certain happy songs of slaughter gliding
as moonlight slips through fingers
touch my shoulders touch my waist
waste me down and hoist your flag
between you and between i
one-winged children fly.
lions sleep tigers sleep and their ghosts sleep and the Orion sleeps too

it's a city

and it's a circumference

and it's Pygmalion

and it's onions that cry for crocodiles
and it's trains that cry for stations
and it's bronze horses that cry when the moon is sad
and it's a circus that's almost alive
and it's my cock between your tits
and it's a bullet for Camus, Albert Camus
and it's ants marching in antly poise before 
the creatures that lurk and prowl within you and without me
jump out of the shadows.

you see, that's how things run
around people
and people run
around more people
and i'm too tired
to write my golden words for the souls of old trees

winter gathers in cracks and creeks
soldiers gun down sailors for the sea must float in blood
or else the king will be angry
and Orion will awake
and the ghosts will awake
and it's night
and Venus must rise from waters and dead moments 
and i must be there to snatch her girdle

it's all chalked out.
i don't know you.
you don't know me.
certain happy Birds dead 
where do you hide, how do you hide?     

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