Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sudden Strange Blindness

You open up the skies

To paste the pests in haste

To store your hidden sighs

In the glowing aftertaste

By the magic river cruise

With a brainful of those scars

With strings getting loose

Somewhere closer to the stars

Those shapes of holy night

Dancing through the mist

With eyes shining bright

The beast and the priest

And light hides the night

To cast its dreary spell

And bats take their flight

Down the wishing well

Mind blooms a flower

Up those hazy climes

Yearning for the shower

Through these crazy rhymes

Those holy lions roar

At lilies floating by

And through this moonlit lore

The night is blazing high!

You open up the skies

You need to drink the flame

There's fire in your eyes

And dreams you sought to tame

There's this wild hawk

It knows how you've been

The lizard stole the clock

And that broken violin

Burn your withered sighs

And the poison that was stored

The eagle rules the skies

With this ageless, edgeless sword

All the nameless names

In the lantern-glow

Written in those frames

Where rivers run slow

The maskman hid the sky,

The veil ate the frost

And there's a chain to tie

Every thing that's lost

You keep the petals burning

You know you must live

You know the world is turning

But mirrors never forgive

All your roots need water

For all the words you'd said

Didn't really matter

To your rusted razor-blade

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