Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Drowning Heart

milk of sundown hush, milk of pure love
roaming, astray, like naked babies of monster-streets.
dogs of damnation
for the fatal leap.
milk of enchantment, milk of splendid inamorata
whoring themselves out to our merciless indifference.

now, dearest, sing me a sad song,
Make me want this,
all of this.
Make me want the rain.

milk of bitter honey, milk of the idea of death
this weary heart still digs for gold
milk of sexless souls hurt into silence
banished beyond chimera,
beyond the twisted realm of wants.
Candymen die out alone.
Contours break into shadows.

now, dearest, tell me of our immortality
make me move through this.
Make me glow in the dark.


Sudeshna said...

Dada. You. Are. Superb.

Soumi said...

Milk of the idea of death appeals to me. It's a beautiful dream and I'll live through death. It's Sylvia Plath,you see.

Soumi said...

ei jey 'dada',ei paThhika-Ti kintu amar through-tey esheychhey.
@Sudeshna,gimme some credit,girl! For helping you find out your 'read of the day'! You know,something like,"Soumi di,you've good taste" or something similar.:P