Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scenic Rhymes for Sinners

The irate pirate lived life king size

Till he got that pleasant surprise

In the form of faceless masks

Since that day he’s dry and cold

And from what I’ve been told

He bides his time thru ceaseless tasks

Now the elephant, he was greedy

He begged for food from my lady

So she took him to the pirate

The pirate stared into his eyes

Which were heavy with untold lies

He waved at him and said: “Bye, Mate!”

The captain’s steady with his ship

The barmaid’s ready with her whip

I know not what to do now

Laws and rules to fool the fool

And Statues stare with eyes so cool

To cut thru your heart somehow

The pirate scratches his dusty jaws

The clock stretches her rusty claws

But I am tired of this place

Every fortnight he skips his lunch

He might die, and that’s my hunch

And Mother says my room’s a mess

Once upon it used to snow

But that was oh so long ago

And now this thirst is ruthless

The elephant was a tusker once

And Mother Goose shall ask her sons

For naked truth is toothless!

So the pirate shall ride the songs

straight to hell, where he belongs

And the same applies for Mother Goose

The elephant chewed up the decanter

And this very sight had weakened her

And I’m way too busy kissing my shoes

And this is where it must end

Dig for gold and find a friend

But never forget those dry goodbyes

Lock the door and wash the floor

Ask for a little and ask for more

The irate pirate lived life kingsize

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