Sunday, June 20, 2010


I celebrate you in my poems tonight
My words are on fire,
My fingers tremble in some unknown thirst
And very soon,
this page will go up in flames
I worship you, with my words,

the stars are quivering.
the moon seems sadder
and the music has fallen silent
in love…..

the river glows in silver,
the trees remain awake
gripped, as if,
with some unknown fever.
the wet soil lets out her hidden sighs
to the tender breeze….

It is at moments like this
That you become the Angel of sorrow,
and fly out into those million folds of the
wordless sky
And I see you, whispering
all your untamed dreams and songs
to the rain in soft motion…..
And I see the Milky Way melting
into the kind breasts of the ocean

I celebrate you in my poems tonight
I celebrate you in my poems tonight

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