Monday, August 3, 2009

The Moon and My Unrequitted Love

The moon makes me sad every night
She makes me sigh
And the clouds – at times they cover
her body like a purple veil
At other times, she’s naked –
Like a silent fairy
Like a faithful dream….

I’m a night-bird
And like other night-birds
I seek to make love to the moon
But I hide myself in the womb
of the night, for I fear
the creatures of the dark….

The stars are the children of God
And they remind me of eternity
They are frozen in their own silence
Like forgotten sighs and broken promises….

Sorrows are the ashes of life
Life burns, pale and cold –
Like the fire of Babylon
The moon is pale and cold as well
She is a princess – banished
from the kingdom of love….

I love the moon
But she doesn’t love me,
She loves the lonely cherry tree
which stands, sad and forlorn
in a lonesome valley beyond the hills
and beyond the horizon…

And on new moon nights, when
she’s allowed to go back to the kingdom
from which she was banished
The cherry tree weeps in silence…
And I fly to the cherry tree
to drink the honey of his tears
That keeps me alive
And that’s why the moon
doesn’t love me,
She thinks that, unlike the cherry tree,
my love is selfish….

But this isn’t true
For had the moon loved me
instead of the cherry tree,
He wouldn’t have cried for her
on new moon nights,
And I would have starved to death…..

The moon doesn’t understand me
Nobody does
But I love the moon
And I’ll keep on loving her…….


Samadrita said...

That's so touching really.Poignant and sad!

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

i have to agree wid Sammy...........serusly very touching