Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me Pink You Pink Yellow Green Toad Happy Bad Sad

Tell me green stories
Let me not think about sex
Just tell me stories
Or else I’ll tie you up with the horns
of a big pink unicorn…..
I bet you won’t like that
So tell me green stories
And purple stories too
And the story of the one-eyed mouse
Or else I’ll make you my diary
And I’ll pour out all my sadness in you
I bet you won’t like that either
So tell me all the stories you know
Stories of all the raindrops you’ve petted
and all the colours you love…..
Or else, get ready to face the consequent
accidents and mishaps


Samadrita said...

Seems like you're threatening me!I mean this is the kind of thing you'd do to a friend :P Kidding.Nicely written!

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

r ya a woman hater by ne chnce??????
lolzzzz.............d post is vry gud

Atindriya said...

@Samadrita - No, I dare not
@Quintie: No, I dare not