Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Dead Nightingale

They’re playing the funeral song real slow

They’re taking the dead nightingale to the grave

Four of them carry the coffin

The King, the Queen, the Ace and the Knave……..

I was chained in the cage of love

The nightingale used to sing to me

Her songs were sad, her wings were broken

But now she’s dead, now she’s free

She was chained in the cage next to mine

She was lonely, and so was I

And on silent nights when the moon was down

She used to sigh and I used to cry

Deep inside my restless heart

I could hear the rattling of her chain

Her feet were tied, she tried to be free

As the silent night trembled in pain

And now she has gone far far away

Beyond the misty shores of the sea

But her songs – sad and sweet

Will stay forever inside me………

So, the King, the Queen, the Ace, the Knave

They’re laying her down on the snow

The nightingale is dead, it’s time to mourn

They’re playing the funeral song sad and slow……


Samadrita said...

Sad but meaningful.

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

melancholic female psychi works wonderz

Som...getting it off my chest!! said...

tell you you've lived upto the standards you set in ennui,boy!!

Atindriyo said...

@Samadrita: thanks @Quintie: Yeah, true
@Som: Eto standard standard korish na, chap kheye jabo

Abhipsita said...

This is beautiful..