Friday, August 28, 2009


Bumping along the words of Corso in this lonely midnight,

with my arms wrapped around the waist of some

unfound muse beyond those hazy horizons,

as this trembling sleepless night rolls along

like many nights such as these –

one making way for the other…..

I’ve spent all my faith chasing empty mirages

and seeking the forlorn and distant morning star

I’ve drank all my hope to the nameless mirth

of the unattainable glory and the dancing arorae

I’ve scattered all my love in the lonely rainforests

where the ghostly breeze sings a lullaby

to the shivering leaves on dreary nights like these

I’m living a lie…..I live on futilities

I don’t know what I seek

and I never will…. Like rowing along this

endless ocean….. like gliding beyond

those distant lifeless kingdoms of eternity…….

beyond the dark waters

beyond everything that exists

beyond everything that doesn’t

beyond the purposeless being

beyond the ancient times and places

beyond the void and restless souls

beyond the nebulae dreams

beyond me-myself-you-yourself……

And now for the Journey –

From one miracle to another

Drowning in this futile quest –

like the doomed sailors who never return

like the pilgrims who die of thirst

the Journey…. The Journey……

And someday I might reach the sad island

where you stay

I might stand at your doorsteps like a beggar

I might stretch out my palms before you…..

But I won’t seek your faith

I won’t seek your hope

I won’t seek your love……

All I’ll seek is your thunderbolt

to strike me down……

That’s all I’ll seek, perhaps

But all these shall be in a dream

Till then, it’s the Voyage –

the faithless, hopeless and loveless Voyage

Wait for me in another beautiful dream

And I’ll be waiting too

We shall meet again,

My Angel


Samadrita said...

Nice one :)
But if you write another one this weekend I'd totally punch you in the face. :X :P -_-

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Dis is totly dream lyk.......whova is ya angel muss b vry proud o ya

Anonymous said...

you dont need me to tell you how good it is...maybe its so good...because its straight from the heart.....

Tharangni said...

hey it sounds nice..

workhard said...

Good writing...

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