Friday, August 14, 2009


It rains all day, all night

Rains, like chains, tie me down

Clouds fill my sleep

Clouds, like crowds, strangle me

Insects dance by the lantern

Insects, like sunsets, block my vision

Dusts in the bookshelves

Dusts, like rusts, gather in my bones……….

But beyond all these absurdities

and nude sunflowers that stare at me

like holy angels,

water beckons –

Water – cold, blue and silent………


Samadrita said...

I donno how you can churn out so many good pieces within a matter of a few hours.
Me likes this one :)

Som...getting it off my chest!! said...

this one is one of your best ever...i've been often the first to read your poetry after their creation...often seen them being created in front of my own eyes (in the boring classes where we write poetry when we've nothing better to do) you can take it from me...yes,this is beautiful!!

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

this is wonderful.....reflects d same kinnda mental state as potryd by Tennyson in Ullyses
infact dis enui or boredom is sumthin whch olmst evr1 cn relte to

Atindriyo said...

@Samadrita: Thankush *bows*
@Som: hNehNeh (meaningful smile)
@Quintie: Baudelaire :)

Abhipsita said...

This is truly the best of them all!