Friday, June 5, 2015

just wanting you

wanting is - this crazy afternoon
meandering its way to that crazier evening
like a grand elephant, swaying its head
like the sad heavy heart of some ancient demon-lord -
wanting is that demon's shadow - heaving, throbbing -
as he weeps when nobody's around,
and even the shadow weeps

but you won't be knowing this
you have seen the beast rave and rove along the rugged ways of the world - angry, aimless, fatal;
you haven't seen it weep, you haven't
seen it wanting to weep into your hair, to bring the sun and the moon down with love so strong
that everything's freedom -
everything's a bright haze of blue -
wanting is the blue of your mind
and the twilight of mine

it never mattered when the moon rises -
except when it really does -
wanting is those horizons - gulped down by the hounds of mist
with a winelike dash of rain -
wanting is to breathe in, without expecting to breathe out - to live, to die, eternal - wanting to dream all dreams with you,
light all magic lanterns with you

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