Monday, March 23, 2015

We Will All Be Bhagat Singh

river of life meets river of death
forests never walk, dear Macbeth
and there's no milk in the Milky Way
they hang Bhagat Singh everyday

the river of love - it flows on still
the sharpest knives refuse to kill
by the bends of this ceaseless fight
they burn Bhagat Singh every night

the river of blood - it sinks all boats
it guts all guts and slits all throats
'freedom!' 'freedom!' - the thunders shout
but that's not what it's really about

the river of hope - it freezes here
there's no dream, no nightmare
and martyrs aren't worth a dime
so they kill Bhagat Singh all the time

but there's a river that'll ever flow
no one knows what it's called though
but it gives them killers a mighty scare
for Bhagat rows his boat out there

there's no right and there's no wrong
all that's there is this lousy song
and the nameless river flows on strong
for Bhagat must be rowing along

Row on, Comrade, the skies are red
And my hungry kid is yet unfed
Selfish me, I think of you
For that's the best I can really do

flow on, fighter, the clouds are big
the ugly judge has lost his wig
there's no noose to hold your neck
but there are fleets we have to wreck

and there are chains we have to lose
and there are paths we have to choose
and for every knife on every throat
there's a Bhagat rowing our boat

the killers rule the earth and seas
and Rome was saved by cackling geese
but one day they'll cackle no more
for Bhagat Singh will stand by the shore

and we'll all go out and stand by him
and make our way through this ghastly dim
and the bells of freedom - we'll hear them sing
and we will all be Bhagat Singh

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