Thursday, March 12, 2015

Do Nambari Confessional

you had tiny hands
and your ankles were beautiful
I don’t remember much
save the magic
and we were saving the magic like we still do
and the universe was very big like it still is
and there were and there still are big people
who sell love for security and intellect for cynicism
and the last time I saw you you were fighting them
and the last time I heard from you you were fighting them
Seeing and hearing have become beautiful ever since –
Homer hearing the swishing sound of those arrows of fire,
Borges getting inside Aleph where human history shall ever be,
Beethoven drowning in the music that tastes like love,
and feels like colours
rivers singing through forests before getting ravaged by monster cities  
birds getting busy at sunrise and baby-birds getting happy at sundown
(and there are also some birds that just fly across the horizons in search of everything
and no one gets to know where they reach)
does the nucleus know where the electrons stay?
are there beehives in other galaxies?
I don’t know these things but someday I might tell you of many beautiful things that I know of
for example, I know that the size of the universe divided by the size of our bodies is infinity
which is also the distance between our egos and our Kaum
I know that the bear might be one hell of a creepy animal but often it climbs a tree or two or many to get very drunk
et cetera and et cetera
but that your hands were tiny and your ankles were beautiful and that magic exists everywhere all the time is more important knowing all these stuff

Ahoy there,
be well.

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