Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Dead Blogger

another star is stardust
another blogger dies
another cricket match to jerk off to
another slave raped by another orangutang in another amphitheater 
(hell, no Rome is sure ever built in a day!)
another bunch of spectators cheering with silence
i believe in things i find beautiful
i believe in words and thoughts i find beautiful
i believe in magic, 
i believe in poetry
i believe in music
i believe in dust
i believe in ghosts
i believe in martyrdom
i believe in the soul
i believe in the fight
i believe in the crazy roads of the world 
but i'm such a selfish asshole that i can't write for a dead blogger without going on spewing shit about all the beautiful jazz i believe in
dear dead blogger
i am sure that you were beautiful
and because i believe, most of all,
in beauty, 
i will keep on believing in your death
may it bloom on among the ugly killers and the uglier spectators
like lotus blooms in mud.

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