Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunlight and Moonlight

i'm a lazy asshole
i miss watching sadness wearing a bright mask of sad music and bright flesh and standing on the muddy streets of Shonagachhi,
bunches of dead red oleanders swim in blood
little naked people scream 'decoy! decoy!'
i miss hiding behind all the raw layers of nights of soft moonlight that glide along mossy cornices. i miss shadows of vultures hovering over dead rats hiding behind me and declaring war against the world in bright sunlight.

moonlight has other uses too. once, for example, i was in a train. my mom was in the upper berth and i was staring at banana plantations in moonlight. again, more recently, a strong wild bull was in a field. it's mom wasn't around and it was staring at me through moonlight. these are just instances.

now, there are trains to catch and bulls to befriend with love. you can brush your teeth with love and you can love your teeth with brushes. it remains pretty much the same either ways. vultures make strong love in moonlight. lovers make loverly love in moonlight. cosmic subatomic ants roam along Jupiter's nipples in strong, loverly moonlight.

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Soumi said...

Jupiter's nipples? Wow! That was strong!