Friday, October 15, 2010

From Inside a Cold Corporate Place

To fill-up all those hazy forms

Stuck somewhere deep inside

I’ve gifted you my lazy norms

As the paper-puppets chose to hide

Sleep not through the misread blur

And choose your thunder, little child

To shine alone like some empty star

To burn your sighs when the night goes wild

With seasoned deaths and reasoned rules

This thirst shall sow that naked seed

Through the cold wings of ancient schools

With weed, greed, and pages to read

Eat your profit and drink your loss

For love is red and hope is green

The green of puke and money and moss

Till the mask becomes your second skin

Far away that sad gray sea

The darkness and the fading lips

The rainbow won’t return to me

There’s a grave where her children sleeps

There’s a river where the Mirror sank

The Mirror feared my dreadful face

Please don’t leave these spaces blank

Just write: “Sweet Forgetfulness”

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