Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Faithful

That movement was to be undone.
By that time the carnival had begun
By the five rivers of hell
The dead gods fell

It’s too difficult
The cold train arrives at midnight
The fog with its yellow bones
Wraps the city, wraps the train
Wraps the little dogs

From street to street
Beating retreat
Babylon! Babylon!
The other fire
The other temple
The other God
Twenty hands, thirty feet,
Fifty tongues
Decorated, in flesh,
Like a neon-stabbed city --
A skeleton in a queen's gown
Tumble down, tumble down

Twining stresses - two by two
Shining faces - through and through
And who forgets the cobwebs?

People making judgments
People sailing
People eating snakes
People making love
to flowers....

Here we are,
This new world
This new mind


Beethoven Beethoven caged in sounds
Death – Music, meat for the hounds
Red scars of wine
Dead stars to shine
Petals – blue
Morning – true

A broken flute
A cheap candle
Everything, by the cobblestones
Men of war
Men of peace
House of cards
A thirsty kiss

I was waiting
It was raining

Valley of Death
Tower of God
Everything else

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