Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Children of Mercy

When the moon shines bright in my kingdom of pain
Children of mercy, they come down the rain
Children of mercy with music in their eyes
Children of mercy, they come down the skies

When my island stands lonely in the ocean of the dead
When the ship gets lost in the faraway lands
When the wind brings tears and the stars begin to fade
Children of mercy, they reach out for my hands

Children of mercy, strange flowers they bring
Children of mercy, strange songs they sing
Children of mercy, in the garden of my dreams
Children of mercy, in a thousand little streams

When these nights glide by bringing no life
When the river stops singing and the bridges catch fire
When eyeballs rove along the edge of this knife
Those Children of mercy – they will always reach there

When my sail seeks a breeze and my engine seeks a spark
Children of mercy, they light candles in the dark
Children of mercy from the kingdom of my mirth
Angels gave them wings and sent them to the earth

Children of mercy – they watch me through the night

They hear me when I cry and they hear me when I sigh
They bring to me their love, they bring to me their light
And they take me to that place where rainbows never die

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