Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Grey Festival

That’s how I can write
For the lady of the light
House of candles and men of wax
Cover yourselves, cover your tracks

And it’s time for the lions to rule
My hands are soft, my eyes are cool
Nights of silk and fires of wool
And it’s time for the lions to rule

The ship is white and I am blank
I don’t remember where it sank
There’s a lotus in my mind
Where were you when I was blind?

There are insects below this house
There are fires we need to douse
I saw those tents by river Nile
Marching in a single file

I won’t have, I will own
It’s your room you’re all alone
Music freezes below the tongue
All the songs that you had sung

I have my claws, I have my teeth
The king has a sword to cut me with
Then tie me down to your womb
Let me watch the flowers bloom

Snakes and angels in this land
A voice had drowned in the sand
There he goes, sad old Midas
Do you remember where she hid us?

Diamond and heart in the shade
Waiting for their club and spade
With streams of gold I was made
The sun was dead, the sky was red

Eyes have arrows, skies have sparrows
I have a mirror, and the wise have sorrows
When the monster comes to this place
Just tear that mask off his face

A book for death, a debt for life
Fast is the bullet, sharp is the knife
Birds and bees have their wings
A boat decked with pretty things

The king is sad, so is the queen
I had lost and I had to win
Marks of whip on their backs
Melting down my house of wax

Men of candles, roofs of streams
Tailless horses, hooves of dreams
Riding by, gliding by
The moon is high in the sky

The slave in the galley
He craves for the valley
With the dead in the grave
And the heads in wave

Reading for the signs
Crashing through the lines
And then the final scene
Gets stuck in between

The town has its own days
The clown has his own ways
The frown has its own gaze
We drown in the known maze

Lights to make the nights yellow
Heights frights and a little swallow
Thugs on hire to kill the liar
Rivers on fire, children to sire

The same cities, the same ruins
The same sisters, the same twins
Here they are, in my car
Waiting for the final war

Dig the dark, there is peace
Take the spark, fake the kiss
I read books, we read books
Look at her, they way she looks!

The music ends in two and three
The music ends by a cherry tree
Do not weep, bury me
In the garden of the starry sea

If you find them in the duel
Tell to them that they were cruel
Tell them all the things you know
Touch the river, make it flow

Touch the fire, make it burn
Touch the world, make it turn
Then you can come back to me
Here’s the lock, here’s the key


NesQuarX said...

Good one, it was a bit of tl:dr... But that's you.

Atindriya said...

when i start, i can't stop :(