Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Mother saw those clouds
Was a dream, was a dream
Mother saw those clouds
Was a dream

Mother saw the sun
She awoke, she had to
The stage was set
It had rained
The world was new

Love was born in full-moon
And Life sprang up soon
In the gardens, in the hallways
The song now, the song, always…..

And seven steps were taken
in the night
And seven colours merged
to become white

The moonlight!

The home. The waters

Silver. Ohm. Lotus.


Hold the torch, hold it strong,
Let it burn and sing the song;
Dust and Gold, all the same,
Touch the lamp, light the flame;
Nothing’s right and nothing’s wrong
in a world you don’t belong!

The body was old;
Inside, no trace of time
The moon gets cold
When words lose the rhyme

Yet another full-moon night
And the angels came down with the rain….

The leaves had to sing
They forgot
The flowers had to bloom
They forgot
The mother had to cry
She forgot…

The earth was silent
The world was burning…..

In Between

In between, the river flowed,
the river flows…..

And we were singing,
And we are singing…..


sagar V said...

your poetry writing insired me to write..what all can i say..superb

Quintessence Of Illusion said...
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Quintessence Of Illusion said...

im not eligible to comment on a poetry of this standard.....i just cant....otherwise it will be an insult to your creation