Sunday, June 12, 2016


you know how weak you are
your feet tremble
one mistake and down
down like autumn leaves
in scream-choke spiral
down like a cascade
that never knew
when the angels of freedom will come
and they never come
no light to stare at, no darkness to hide behind

you know how weak your are
in a world where everyone
even those that claim compassion
claim to be against social Darwinism
worship strength, worship vitality
seem to stare at you like tall statues
of humanhood
stoic faces twitch – the moon twitches away
to the oblivion you are banished from

you know how weak you are
you are the rabbit, everywhen
and there’s headlight everywhere
and happy faces make you sad
and sad faces make you sadder
there’s the snake and there’s the ladder
you sit by the feet of the latter
and wait for the venom
between your eyes that have seen much,
that haven’t seen much –
and you want to move,
to run away, to break through
that liberating movement
towards those anklets, now broken
that once had rung like the bells of love
but your feet tells you to fuck off

you know how weak you are
when you want to cry
but your tears have dried
and you want to scream
but you are scared to bother the neighbours
and you want the heart to puke
but you are scared of the pain
and you want the soul to flood
but there’s no soul
and there’s no rain either

you know how weak you are
when you don’t feel like fighting on
and you don’t feel like giving up –
you don’t wish to accept
you don’t wish to reject
na hanyate
na hanyamane
Shadows hang heavy
over hills you once had wished to climb
to drop, like curtains, abrupt
over dreams bereft and longings forgone
and that’s all that there is –
A pendulum halted mid-air
A sonata chortled in transition
Dante beholding the stars
The stars beholding you

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