Thursday, October 22, 2015

the burners

some things burn better than other things
little children, for example,
burn the best when big people need votes
easy to procure and burn, soft skin, soft tissues
freshly roasted babies in the morning
smell like victory for many
and the rest look away, cover their noses
and walk past
to see beautiful sunsets, smell beautiful roses,
read a poem by Tagore, contemplate jazz,
roll a joint,
make love, etc.

point being, if you wanna make it big in politics
and life,
burn a few urchins here & there,
and, preferably, from an inferior race
grab hold of their necks or legs
and drag them out like measly, squealing rats
give them a strong shake or two,
douse them in gasoline
(this is recession time, you might have to make do with kerosene,)
run a noose around their neck – nylon would do
and string them high, so high that the sun and the moon may feel ashamed
and the people feel frightened enough to kneel before you,

and then, once you set them on fire
hear how their skin burns, fat melts, eyes blast out of skulls,
shit blasts out of guts
bones cringe around circles of flame – and soon,
you shall see them turning into flags of your victory
declaring your might before the world, before time & history
and if history sticks to you the way it has across the past five thousand years
you will turn into a god in another five – a slayer of mighty, filthy demons

so, get to it asap
find a few kids – the tinier the better,
check out if they belong to an inferior race
check out if their folks can’t feed them square
and once these essential conditions are satisfied,
go ahead,
feel free
burn them
skin them
hang them
quarter them
chop them to tinier bits –
all depending on your tastes and penchants
and soon, you shall turn into a hero, a leader of the masses,
and all world shall yours be.

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