Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reporting From the Indian Monsoons

i hadn't been anywhere close to the simulcrantangled for more than 189.536 seconds at a stretch since the 21st of June. I witnessed and forbore a procession or something on the evening of that date celebrating the rape and murder of two cute college-kids on the outskirts of Kolkata. The protestors were celebrating their collective conscience, like every bunch of protesters the world has ever witnessed do.

Hence, this belated peejay: 

"there was this rumor going on about a rape carnival that is, supposedly, held annually or something somewhere in Haryana. 

Bongs - 1
Jats - 0

What Bengal thinks today...etc etc"

Now, this peejay has been slaughtered by MS Dhoni and the He-Mans who move the world triumphed over the Not-He-Mans who Do Not Move the World and won The Batball Laurel That Will Change the World in England because they won it in England. (The uninitiated might find more information on this in the magazine "Up Yours, Colonizers.". Do check its website to get an idea in case you are interested) Let us mourn the sad, untimely demise of the peejay with 54.73 seconds of silence and 65.56789907654 candle-sticks.

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