Saturday, June 29, 2013

Panache and Licorice

Tiny people bitching around in the chamber of death
Father dying in calendars mother dying in rain
Ludovico, Ludovico
The handsome men of heart
Lock up the stores of fright
Forests scream for mercy
Little babies dying in gutters
Away from you,
Without you
Hopeless in the arms of heart
I spit out the watermelon seeds
And gulp down the beer
And flop down in couch, beads of sweat trickling down
Into the guts of hell we roam
And jump out on sacred nights of hunt
Tiny people stabbing guts inside the chamber of life
I see them from far away.


Write to me when they stop whipping you
On a postcard where they paint your day
and stick a shriveled rose within fond folds.   

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