Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On Separation

it's nothing new to me
but each time
it feels like shit

it's as if the heavens have opened up
like they were supposed to
and dark words
from the angry gods are pouring out
like acid rain
on me
my face,
my skin,
my flesh,
my guts. 

and now, after this long long trainride
jostling with sweaty people in rags
who look like poverty is supposed to
look like,
i'm here
and she

you, intellectuals,
poets, students, jobbers, broads
wannabe politicians,
shitters - i'm talking to you now.
do you even fucking care?

well, back to the arms of Bacchus then.
the skies are rotting
the sharks are watching me
the tigers are dead
and there's no one else. 

i spit at the skies 
as i scratch my back
and smile.

i cower before the sharks

i weep for the tigers

and i am indifferent to your indifference now.

to hell with the rest, then!

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Soumi said...

To hell with the rest!