Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot Babes of Sundown

Hot babes of sundown – staring
through the windshields.
Across hallways,
this hour of love
Shades the night

Hot babes of sundown,
Olive pain
Mistletoe wings,
Touching my brain
when everything breaks.

Hot babes of sundown
Music in the sky
Immutable birds,
at me –
for centuries.

Hot babes of sundown
A little light
Cool shadows of fruit
In the firmament
of blue pearl
and red cherry.

Hot babes of sundown
Dancing inside –
Loving me,
Giving me food,
when no one else does.

Hot babes of sundown
Rewound sonata – jump-cut:
The flowers are warm
The tigers are dying
The oceans are sad.
Stop. Stop.

This pain
goes deep

This night
is an eternity

This disease
is enchanting.


Zeebs said...

You should just dance in the dark.

Soumi said...

Olive pain and mistletoe wings make for a striking visual.