Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vacuum Cleaner

One end stares at me

The other end winks at the dust

And in between,

it’s this sheer fulfillment I’ve been trying to reach for so many years.

Maybe it’s best this way

It’s hard to hold on to all the dark matter (80% of the universe, Wikipedia says)

And it’s harder to wither away from the frames.

So I’m just waiting for the next train and thinking of prehistoric mammals.

It’s just like those formidable kingdoms from history books. Naked and almost real

Words spread roots. Cities, sanctuaries and dusks fill up. Memories rise taller than Colossus. Temples, prayer halls and faith shrink down to fit into A-4 size realization. Structures assure purity. Photons trade with rainbows and time. Intellect hides in briar pipes with all the ashes and debris of this angelic silence. Faces fade away keeping the mask intact. And then, eternity becomes a child’s feverish whimper.

Someday I’ll find all the lost pieces. Someday, you’ll find me begging for all your beauty.

It’s like becoming one, becoming whole. Eventually, I will be.


SarahA said...

I am liking this muchly. There is a soft, gentle feel to such. I am thinking, like a silk scarf.

SarahA said...

I like how you write. I like your 'differences'. I like that your words can put a smile on my face and at the same time, my mind is haunted by such.
And I think too, eventually you will!