Saturday, December 4, 2010


inject blood inject life inject fear inject ice inject reason inject treason inject faith inject cows inject pussy inject lucy inject diamonds inject sermons inject skies inject lies inject ruins inject relics inject queens inject felix inject isis inject osiris inject crisis inject canaries inject rivers inject macbeth inject shivers inject black death inject sanity inject rectangles inject vanity inject nightingales inject babies inject rabies inject jokers inject chokers inject pokers inject non-smokers inject stockbrokers inject bram stokers inject cartoons inject typhoons inject cumshots inject foxtrots inject spiders inject riders inject tramps inject lamps inject names inject flames inject letters inject craters inject stars inject scars inject forms inject storms inject roots inject brutes inject history inject this story inject you inject the new

inject the symphony inject the puke inject the tranquil inject the madness inject the gory inject the gory inject the i-miss-you-s inject the shy misuse inject the decay inject the bouquet inject the asshole inject the payroll inject the vision inject the fission, inject the trigger inject the snigger inject the cough inject the near inject the bluff inject the seer inject the toxic inject the love-sick inject the puppet inject the fuck-it inject the amen inject the semen inject the sea-men inject the freemen inject the still-born inject the forlorn inject the beats inject the belly inject the keats inject the shelly inject the demon inject the lemon inject the profit inject the loss inject the prophet inject the boss inject the petal inject the fatal inject the lust inject the blast inject the mama inject the papa inject the drama inject the exit button

inject my head inject my answer inject my cancer inject my hope inject my dope inject my dreams inject my screams inject my words inject my finger inject my hunger inject my ejaculation inject my annihilation inject my alcohol inject my damn-you-all inject my tombstone inject my epitaph inject my trombone inject my happy laugh inject my teary days inject my dreary nights inject my beery haze inject my eerie lights inject my burning out inject my turning stout inject my chickens inject my dickens inject my threesome inject my free rum inject my verse inject my curse inject my hemlock inject my shell shock inject my anthem inject my hang them inject my pages inject my cages inject my specs inject my sex inject my El inject my hell inject my wagon inject my agon inject my furry blur inject my forever

and once you’re done with all the injecting,

just come here and lie down beside me

and make everything disappear,

and let each and every damn thing that stands between you and eternity fade away

and let me love you like i have never loved before

and let yourself love me like you have never loved before

and let us set the skies ablaze with ourselves and you and me and nobody and nothing else

my lady,

my blue lady

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