Thursday, December 9, 2010


Mostly an over-hyped concept.all hyphenated. plus you need some flesh over the skeletons, and then a few bloodvessels to put up with all the blame, and finally, a layer of skin to cover up your ugliness and sameness.

therefore, keep breathing and keep breeding. these are essential elements. and don't forget the punctuations.

then freedom arrives. and you find yourself too free to care. and i'm swimming and there's a party somewhere and song and dance and routine tribal norms. words and ideas put on forms/formulas. and they cease to be what they used to be. and give me my mask back. it's difficult. and meaningless. search for vulgar fulfillments. typhoons approach. bolt up, thunderbolt. buttons and batons and marching stillborn you me our children our fathers mothers brothers androids amoeba and anathema.

polymers. holy curse. yeah. too much haze. too much freedom. stop shouting. fuck you. no freedom no fear no rhythm no radiation no nothing and dot dot dot and shapes. dear shapes. love you shapes. pale. hollow. yellow. noiseless. smokeless. purer than sense. incensed, intense.

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