Saturday, April 18, 2009

Verily I say unto you...

In a broken temple by the riverside my lonely god stays
In a broken nightsky of a deserted city my lonely moon strays
And in my broken dream, the lonely god says
to the lonely moon – where are your rays?

The lonely moon – softly she cries
“I’m waiting for the poet who dies
At the end of a broken love story
For me to bask in the glory
Of unrequitted love – of dreams, dust and sighs…
Of truthful lies, and faithful butterflies…”

The lonely god – he replies
“I too am waiting…for the King to rise
I’m waiting for a roll of the dice
Some day a great rain will come, I know
But that day isn’t tomorrow…”

The god and the moon – they made love on the riverside
The rain fell, the poet died
And the King was reborn
Wearing his crown of thorn…

The valley of my dreams, it trembled in fear
Echoing through my sleep – I could hear
a thousand whispers, couldn’t make out what they said
I tossed and turned, and I prayed
I refused the ale, I refused the bread
And Satan – he unchained his beast
On Jesus’s flesh, it made it’s feast
His warm blood it drank
The great flood came and there was a carnage
Neptune unleashed his fury and rage
And Noah’s Ark sank
Heimdall’s horn – I heard it’s knell
Mothers cried, heroes fell
down – at the bottom of the wishing well…
I was shaken to the core
I could bear it no more…

Serapis winked and asked “ So what’s the deal?”
I replied – “ Why bother? Let’s go for the kill”
He gave me a knife – sharp and bright
I set out – on that disturbed night
I stabbed the moon, I stabbed the god
As I asked myself – “Did Homer nod?”

And Aaron – all bearded, wrinkled and old
He raised his rod – and to me he told
“Well done son,
You’re very brave
And now you can dig my grave
The days of your freedom have just begun
Set out now, don’t wait for the Sun…”

Since that night, since that fateful rain
I’ve never been to that eerie valley again
Across the world, I rambled and I strayed
In rain and sun, in light and shade
In search of ale, in search of bread
And in search of a thorny cactus bed
To lie down and rest when I’m dead…


Samadrita said...

I have a single word for this one-Wow!

Nujs said...
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Atindriyo said...

And I have a single sentence for your single word:
'Ekti kothar dwidha-thorthor chure bhor korechhilo shaat ti Amoraboti'
written by Sudhin Dutta in 'Urboshii', or it might be 'Orchestra', not exactly sure :)

NesQuarX said...

It'd be very interesting to take a tour in the realm of your nightmares...