Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missal, Unfinished

Across the desert is Ithaca
And we wait for Ulysses to cry
Meanwhile, a little black kitten crawls
towards the dry pages of my
gypsy nights…
I’ve never stepped on the same
moment twice
and Heracletus will know that best
Ten million rhapsodies dance by
the bonfire…
Fairies, whores, angels, fireflies,
Buddha’s drooping eyes,
Good old boogeyman, busy reading
120 Days of Sodom by the fireplace,
Hunchback of Notre Dame sharing
a cigerette with Dorian Grey as they
discuss the prospects of
immortality ,
The blind priest searching in his
pockets for a loaded revolver,
The slaves in the galley cheering out loud
as Giordano Bruno’s getting burned,
all tied up at the stake,
But we shall not protest,
For that’s the way Zarathustra Spake…
Know what, folks,
I’ve lost the key…
It’s a punishment
I’ve sinned…
I had fallen asleep when the
Crystal-gazing lady and the
Phantom of the Opera were
dancing a tango together…
But don’t worry, we’re all waiting
for the rain,
And that’ll come for sure…
My heart bleeds oil and tar, I know
But that’s all a part of the deal
I made with Mephistopheles while I was
gambling with him at a small tavern
off the minefields of Elysion…
(Had I won I would have owned
Gethsemane, but never mind)
I was banished to the East of Eden
where I met Adam and Eve
Busy making love since the
time the Bible was written…
But I managed to flee
And here I am, standing in
front of you,
seeking explanations
for not waiting for me
and moving along…
I’ll let the fire burn
And I’ll let my one winged
parrot chirp on…


Ahoy there!
N.B. the Flying Dutchman sets sail tomorrow….

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sourik_poetsparadise said...

Hello Atindriyo,

First of all , I would like to thank you profusely for visiting my blog and leaving your precious comments on my poem...
I found this poem very interesting with the lines
"Hunchback of Notre Dame sharing
a cigerette with Dorian Grey as they
discuss the prospects of
immortality ,"
very fascinating...
Please do stay in touch and drop by my blog again as and when you find it convenient...
It would be my pleasure to have your precious comments on my poems...

Wishing you good luck!!!