Friday, April 17, 2009

One Wink Closer to Eternity

Nothing but empty snowflakes
And flowers for the memories --
too sacred to be worshipped
yet too profane to be indulged in…

As the wheels of unbroken time –
They keep rolling on in search
of yet another glorious
And hollow whispers…

Ah, but for my memories
They keep on falling
like ceaseless crusades,
like those mystic shadows over
the valley of dead dreams,
Tearing through these cobwebs
of the sonority of silence…

Like a fly, trapped,
And waiting for the glaciers
to melt…

Menagerie of words
Faces in the crowd
Raindrops and thistles
Dangling skulls
And echoing mirrors…

All those fairytales
of thousand Orpheuses living for
one single Eurydice to die…
Parsifals fooling around with
magicians, whores, knights and poets…

One world, one word,
One shithole
Just that, and you sleep
like a deaf man in a jamboree…

“So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late” –
Thus spake the prophet
So it’s better that we
keep shut, and listen…

The world’s still round
for you and me, my love…
Only that my pen’s bleeding
blatant lies

But what can I do?
You see, I’ve been vainly searching
for solutions to illusions,
For lies that smell like truth…

Oh hopelessness ! you’re my only
Oh faithlessness ! you’re my only
Oh loneliness ! you’re my only

So that’s the way shadows
That’s the way poets die
And that’s the way the
light reaches out
Melting through the ceaseless
stars, deaths and revolutions…

Immortality beckons
But I’m too tired
I need to sleep

Yes, I do indeed need some sleep
But I fear those nightmares…
those screeching nightmares
of naked truth and biting reality
They haunt me in my dreams
like warewolves.
I see fountains of blood
gushing out from the mouth
of the infidel goddess…

Mother… Mother…
You needn’t take this badge
from me,
Just take me back to your womb
The warmth… the eternal darkness…
That was the last place where I slept
in ethereal bliss, you know…


NesQuarX said...

It's a shade too morbid for my taste... but coolio words as always!

Atindriyo said...

Ahoy there!