Sunday, January 7, 2018


too many people have feigned support 
for this resistance or that 
when those fights were hot,
and the damned were giving it back 
only to withdraw

when the bridges broke 
and people got beaten back
to their dank flophouses

it is okay to leave 
many do 
but what our furious times have added
is disrespect
is indignation

there are many among us now
who, while keeping no stones unturned
to establish
that they are fighting the good fights
have added on to nasty structures,
have fed the vultures on.

beasts that pounce from fore
are easier to fight 
but they, who have
clouds & curtains of fake sympathy
to hide behind
while they advertise
smooth ways of life, aesthetic propriety 
and other endowments 
that capital brings –
hold control. hold power.

you know this.
you know them.
history is old.

there are have been way too many
tiny, tingling times
when you have reached out
and their gates haven’t budged
an inch

these mad wars, 
of classes, races and sexes ,
have raged on, 

as for the people 
who have always been fucked up
by these wars,
who aren’t you and me,
and who won’t be reading this rant,
they know who their real enemies are –
even among those
who feign empathy 
but will never build bridges with them
except those through which they can loot more.

they know, 
that their darkness isn’t the light
that shines on 
those crockery and cutlery 
their sounds aren’t the music
that fills 
those houses and cars.

as for us, 
conscientious objectors, 
despite all criminal inheritance
have chosen not to side
with those who fan these wars
it is more confusing.
our false learnings 
make us stick on
to false hopes 
such as, of finding solidarity,
even among those who masquerade too well

beware these enlightened do-gooders 
beware their trends & traits 
beware their spaces and times
they are with those they claim they fight 
they are with those you claim you fight
they are not your friends

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